Bella Multi-Function Electric 6 Litre Pressure and Slow Cooker

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Bella pressure cooker
Bella Multi-Function Electric 6 Litre Pressure and Slow Cooker

Welcome to this review of the Bella Multi-Function Electric 6 Litre Pressure and Slow Cooker. With the amount of  electric pressure cookers that we have on the internet growing, it’s hard to know which to choose. We hope to give you the main features and benefits of this pressure cooker, and look at some customer reviews, good and bad, because the people who use it are the experts.

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Bella Multi-Function Electric 6 Litre Pressure and Slow Cooker Review

If you’re looking for the best electric pressure cooker then this Bella electric pressure cooker is a contender, it is an elegant looking pressure cooker, featuring a brushed steel housing with a cool touch plastic handle. It’s a 6 litre cooker  with 1000w power, giving cooking times of up to 70% quicker.

The Bella Pressure Cooker has an easy to use, one touch control panel with 12 separate functions, giving you  a very versatile kitchen machine. The best part about this pressure cooker is the price, it is really great value with 31% savings at of the cheapest around.

The inner pot is 6L and non stick making it great for browning off your meat and veg before cooking, there is also a measuring cup, spoon and steaming rack included.

This electric pressure cooker has a fast pressure cooker function and a slow cooker function which doesn’t cook under pressure up to 12 hours.

The other one touch options are, saute and browning, rice and risotto, meat and chicken, soup and stew. With all of these functions there is a 2 hour delay timer, and an automatic keep warm function that kicks in at the end of cooking, but can easily be turned off.

If you don’t want to use a pre-set time provided by the control panel, you can also just set a time manually with the button next to the timer.

So what about the safety?

The Bella Pressure Cooker has a twist lock lid which features an alarm function if the lid has not been put on properly for pressure cooking and doesn’t release for opening until the pressure is fully released.

There is a steam valve which regulates the pressure inside and a floating safety valve on the top, which is well marked for pressure, and pressure release.

There is also a boil dry sensor which switches the pressure cooker off.

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Customer Opinion

Good Points

This item is simply the best to my knowledge. I humbly give it 5,000 STARS.

An excellent purchase – cooks food rapidly – food comes out so tender and moist – now has a permanent spot in my kitchen. Thoroughly recommend purchasing one of these – and you can find amazing recipe on Pinterest !

This Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker is wonderful!!! I am preparing delicious meals, in a very quick and easy way! It just does it all! I loved it!

Bad Points

Damaged on delivery

Pressure valve stopped working after only 3 uses.

Steaming rack not great for holding a lot of veg, a basket would have been better.


Looking at customer feedback this product is really liked.  It has a 5 star review, which is pretty good, although the number of reviews is less than the instant pot or the Pressure King Pro the comments are just as good.

The biggest gripe about this Bella Multi-Function Electric 6 Litre Pressure and Slow Cooker is the lack of trivet or basket, although these items could be bought, it is a shame that they are not included. The lack of Bella pressure cooker accessories does spoil the decent reviews that customers have given this pressure cooker.

The functionality of this pressure cooker is fine, and the price for an electric pressure cooker is good value. Most of all I find the lack of bad reviews very encouraging. If the lack of trivet and basket is not a problem for you then I believe this is a good choice.

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