Benefits of a Small Pressure Cooker

Benefits of a Small Pressure CookerToday I’ll be looking at the benefits of a small pressure cooker. Whether it is worth paying the money for a smaller cooker or whether it’s just worth cooking smaller amounts in a standard pressure cooker like our recommended Instant Pot Duo.

When you don’t cook large portions of food because you are on your own or part of a couple it’s hard to justify buying a larger pressure cooker especially when your portions barely cover the bottom of the pan.

Who might want to buy a small pressure cooker?

Who would benefit from having a small pressure cooker? I think the main set of people who would be looking to buy a small pressure cooker are the single person or the couples, people who are working away from home who might want to take some kind of cooking option with them, or maybe a student in student accommodation who has very little facility for cooking anything.

When you’re single you have the disadvantage of not having someone to prepare your meals for you when you get home from work and it’s hard to come in and start preparing a healthy meal.  The benefit of a small electric pressure cooker is that you can put your ingredients in the cooker and set it with the delay timer to cook so it’s ready for you when you come in from work. If you’re delayed it has a stay warm feature so another benefit.

There are a lot of simple types of meal that you can cook in one pot, so a lot of versatility there too, and also the fact that in a smaller pot it requires less energy to cook.

A lot of people buy a larger cooker to batch cook and put in the freezer, but if you’re single you don’t always want to eat the same thing many times, so a smaller pressure cooker allows for cooking smaller portions and something different every day if you want.

You may have a small kitchen with limited storage, a smaller size pressure cooker can help there by taking up less cupboard space or worktop space.

small electric pressure cooker might also be a benefit for the young mother who wants to cook up healthy baby food where small portions are preferable. It’s very easy to cook up vegetables mixes, fruit etc and be able to control what actually goes into the food, and it’s quick too. We can’t always be well organised with small children so to be able to cook something quickly is definitely a benefit.

What small pressure cookers are available ?

Surprisingly there aren’t many small electric pressure cookers available at all, this was the smallest electric pressure cooker we could find. You would think with all of the different makes of electric pressure cooker there would be more choice, but the Pressure King Pro range has a 3L which fits the bill.


It may be you aren’t interested in an electric pressure cooker so is there stove top options in the small pressure cooker category? Well you are a little better covered in the stove top range, the Hawkins Classic CL15 1.5-Liter is a good example.


 Electric vs Stovetop

The  Pressure King Pro 3L small or mini electric pressure cooker has a 24hr delay feature, so you can set and forget, and it’s other functions:

  • 8 easy, pre-programmed touch of a button functions, including: Pasta, Meat, Soup/Stew, Fish and Rice. Use the Rice or Fish function and raise your food off the base of the inner pot to easily turn your Pressure King Pro into a Steamer as well!

So you get most of the features of the larger versions, the only thing different is there isn’t a steam tray.

With the stovetop versions, small or large, you lose the flexibility of the 24hr delay timer and the duration timer setting.  Although you have the same capability of cooking smaller portions in a small amount of time, you have to monitor the cooking, as it is used on direct  heat.

So are there benefits to buying a small pressure cooker?

The simple answer is YES. It is obviously dependent on your own situation but it can certainly benefit users. Whether you would buy a small electric pressure cooker like the Pressure King Pro or a stove top version like the Hawkins Classic really depends on whether you can afford the electric version which is more expensive than the stovetop version and whether you need the flexibility of being able to press a button and go, rather than having to monitor the cooking.

The choice is yours, but I would recommend the Pressure King Pro 3L.



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