BESTEK 15-in-1 Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Litre

BESTEK 15-in-1 Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker
BESTEK 15-in-1 Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker

Today we’ll be reviewing the BESTEK 15-in-1 Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker . If you’ve been looking at electric pressure cookers to buy you might find it quite hard to decide what to choose as there are so many options for the home out there, you might want to check out our Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Cookers 2017 list for ideas.

What we’ll be doing is looking at what you get for your money, what the features are and if it compares to our top choice pressure cooker. We’ll also be looking at what the current buyers are saying about this product because they will say what works and what doesn’t.

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This pressure cooker is a 6 litre capacity which is the average size of a basic pressure cooker but if you’re looking for an 8 litre size or a smaller 3 litre size, there are options available in other makes.

BESTEK Pressure Cooker Review

Usually when you’re looking to buy a pressure cooker, you’re looking for a cheap electric pressure cooker and it’s because you know someone who has one and they’ve sold you on the benefits, or you’ve heard about them and you want something that is going to make some of the meals that you make quicker to prepare, or you want to try something different but that is also quicker, because who wants to spend any more time in the kitchen than you have to in our busy lives.

The hardest part to know is just how much you are going to use your pressure cooker and which features you will definitely use, it doesn’t matter if it has a yoghurt maker or a canner if those functions will never be used.

We’re going to see what features are offered here so you can see if it has what you want to use:

What’s in the box

Bestek Pressure Cooker

Stainless Steel Inner Pot

Rice spoon

soup spoon

Measuring Cup

User Manual

Recipes Booklet


Features of the Bestek pressure cooker:

  • Replaces six common devices: Slow cooker, Canner, Soup Maker, Steamer, Cookware and Rice Cooker
  • With 15 easy one touch digital functions: slow cook, steam, saute, white rice, brown rice, multigrain, meat, poultry, broth, soup, congee, beans, vegetables, curry, chilli.
  • LED displays for cooking time and pressure; Features a delay timer for cooking at a certain time; Fully adjustable cooking time and pressure.
  • Flavor Infusion Technology – Locks in precious nutrients and vitamins in food. Infuses meat and seafood with intense flavor without added fat. Makes vegetables tender crisp, keeping fibers intact
  • 18-Months Warranty + BONUSES – Comes backed by a 18-Months manufacturer’s warranty; measuring cup, spoon, soup spoon, and recipes as a FREE bonus.

One of the first things that we noticed about this pressure cooker is the inner pot, I don’t know if you can tell from the picture above but it is a stainless steel inner pot and the only other pressure cookers that offer this is the Instant Pot pressure cookers.

So is this a good thing? Well a lot of buyers don’t like the non-stick versions of the inner pots because they feel that they can be scratched with the utensils, and because they are usually made of aluminium. If this is important to you then score 1 for the Bestek.

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This multi-cooker has combined 7 functions into 1 to give you the most flexibility in your kitchen with 1 pot. You can use it as a Pressure Cooker, Steamer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Saute Pan, Warmer, and a Soup pot. Whether you would use all of these functions depends how much you like to cook, but it is similar to other pressure cookers out there, even the Instant Pot Duo, except it’s cheaper.

The Bestek has an intuitive control panel with 15 pre-programmed options, all detailed above and easily accessed by a digital menu button. You also have the option to control manually, so if you have used a pressure cooker before and know how long you want to put the timer on for you can just set it to what you want, it also has a delay timer so you can set your cooker to come on to suit your needs, if you want to set it when you go out to work you can delay it to start the cooking to finish as you arrive home, and if you are a bit late it will go into the stay warm function so it’s hot whenever you are ready to serve it.

The pressure cooker can cook up to 70% faster than normal cooking times, you can even cook chicken from frozen. There are 3 heat settings, probably more useful for the slow cooker option, which is what you would have on a standard slow cooker, you would use this function without the pressure valve on as you wouldn’t want to pressure cook it.

The pressure valve is on the top of the lid and it is well marked with the sealing and venting settings with a picture direction to follow as well, so no confusion there. The lid is a standard twist lock, which then seals when the pressure builds for cooking, you can’t open it until the pressure is released by turning the valve to the venting position.

Who is the Bestek Pressure Cooker for?

If you’re looking for an electric pressure cooker and want something that is easy to use, that is a good family size and is a made with a good solid contruction and has a scrubbable stainless steel cook pot then you will like this multi-function pressure cooker.

The price of this pressure cooker is average considering the functions available and with the delay timer it’s a great asset for anyone who would like to be organised and plan meals. You can even set it to make your porridge for breakfast.

Customer Opinion

The buyers of this Bestek Cooker think it is a great value piece of kitchen equipment, they find it simple to use, it makes great food, can cook a full chicken and is a great size for a family.

It’s a quiet pressure cooker and the delay timer is great. They also like the fact that the saute function allows you to brown your meat before you cook.

The only negative on this pressure cooker is the manuals included which aren’t the greatest. The way around this of course is to check out electric pressure cooker recipes, books or youtube, there is a lot of information out there.


This BESTEK 15-in-1 Multi-Function Electric Pressure Cooker is a great investment for your home, it’s easy to use whether you just want to use it for the pressure cooker itself or if you want to take advantage of the other multi-cooker options it offers. If you want a stainless steel inner pot but you don’t want to pay top dollar for an Instant Pot we think this is a good alternative.

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