Charles Jacobs Large 8 Litre 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker

Charles Jacobs Large 8 Litre 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker
Charles Jacobs Large 8 Litre 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker

Do you have a large family and need a large pressure cooker? Today we’ll be reviewing the Charles Jacobs Large 8 Litre 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker, this is an 8 litre pressure cooker which can give you plenty of room to make a large one pot meal or a joint of meat.

We’ll be looking at what this electric pressure cooker has to offer, why we have added it to our Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Cookers 2017 list and what the customers think about it. If you’re not sure whether an 8 litre pressure cooker is going to be too big why not check out our review on a 6 litre here.

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Charles Jacobs Large 8 Litre 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker Review

Whats in the box

Pressure Cooker

8 litre inner pot

steam rack

rice spoon

measuring cup


Let’s see what the features are:

  • Massive 8 litre capacity – One of the largest capacity pressure cookers on the market with the average cooker being around 5L, our pressure cooker surpasses competition in quality and quantity
  • 1250W Power for Healthy, speedy cooking which reduces cooking time by up to 70%
  • No more rattles and hisses, no more adjusting the heat to regulate pressure because the Charles Jacobs 7-in 1 pressure cooker does it for you
  • The cookers insulated design and temperature control saves over 60% on the amount of energy you use

The standard electric pressure cooker size is 5 or 6 litres so to be able to find an 8 litre pressure cooker for around the same price is a good deal. The size of the pressure cooker is 33cm or 13 inches tall and 38 cm or 15 inches in diameter, so you can check if it will fit on your worktop or store in your cupboard.

The pressure cooker is 1250W which allows for speedy cooking when under pressure, up to 70% quicker than normal cooking times. This unit is very quiet when cooking and being an electric cooker the pressure is automatically regulated, and because everything is under control with cooking temperatures and times you can save money on the electricity that is used.

The Charles Jacobs Large 8 Litre 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker has different functions other than being a pressure cooker. You can saute/brown food, this is a really handy option if you like to brown your meat or vegetables before making a stew. You also have a rice cooking option which means you don’t have to have a separate rice cooker, there’s a measuring cup included so you can get the right proportions of rice and water. There is a steam function which you can use under pressure or not as you choose and a slow cooker option which has 3 heat options like normal slow cookers. It’s a porridge maker and a food warmer too.

On the front control panel there are a number of pre-set buttons, a time preset, warming function, reheat, multigrain, baby food, cake, stew, sauté, rice, yoghurt, porridge, bean/chili, meat, fish, slow cook, soup, poultry and manual control. So if you want to use a simple press button function because you’re not sure of timings you have a lot of choice but if you prefer to just cook with your own timings you can just use the manual setting.

Who is the Charles Jacobs Large 8 Litre 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker for?

If you like to cook a lot of soups or one pot meals and you want the option to make a large batch, then this is for you. If you have a large family and find you can’t make enough in a normal size pressure cooker to feed them all, then this will probably be a good choice for you. If you like to cook large pieces of meat or chicken in the pressure cooker and want a bigger pot so they will fit, then this will suit you just fine.

You don’t have to fill this pressure cooker to be able to use it, if having the extra space is something you are likely to make use of then this is a great option but if you won’t use the extra capacity there is always a smaller pressure cooker available with the same amount of options.

Customer Opinion

Good Points

One customer thinks this is a brilliant product, easy to operate and easy to clean.

Another customer would recommend to all her friends, there is no smell when the pressure cooker is on like a normal pressure cooker and no noise. Well worth the money

Strong and robust with a good quality feel to it.

Bad Points

The instruction book is not up to much, it should be more comprehensive and easier to understand

Things tend to stick to the bottom if it’s thicker than water.

Does not come with a separate vegetable tray.


It seems the instructions could be much better and there are less cooking accessories than some pressure cookers but the bottom line is that this is a great pressure cooker if you can get past these 2 problems and if you’re looking for a large capacity pressure cooker the Charles Jacobs Large 8 Litre 7 in 1 Pressure Cooker is a good value option.

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