CookJoy Pressure Cooker 6 Litre 8-in-1 Multipurpose Electric Pressure Cooker

CookJoy Pressure Cooker 6 Litre 8-in-1 Multipurpose Electric Pressure CookerWhen looking for the best electric pressure cooker out there you have quite a few to look at and read about. It’s helpful to know what size of pressure cooker you’re looking for and if you want any special features. The CookJoy Pressure Cooker 6 Litre 8-in-1 Multipurpose Electric Pressure Cooker is a newer one in the UK and it would be suitable for a family. We’re going to have a look at what it offers and what the customers like about it so that you can see if it would suit you.

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CookJoy Pressure Cooker 6 Litre 8-in-1 Multipurpose Electric Pressure Cooker Review

When you buy an electric pressure cooker you can get many kinds that are either mainly a pressure cooker with a feature or two or a multi-cooker pressure cooker that has a few different options in the way that you can use it.

You’re getting a 1000W power electric pressure cooker with a 6 litre capacity. It has a stainless steel outer casing which offers more durability with a black and stainless steel twist lock lid.

This CookJoy Pressure Cooker is in the multi-cooker set as it has various functions as well as pressure cooking. Apart from pressure cooking it offers rice cooking, steaming, warming, frying and slow cooking.

I have to say here that the buttons on the front of the unit don’t show a slow cooking or frying/saute button. I can only suppose that you can use other options for this, maybe the steaming function for the slow cook (the slow cook doesn’t require the pressure valve and neither does steaming) and the reheating function for the saute. It’s definitely not clear, so be aware of that.

There are 9 button options on the digital panel on the front which have pre-set options. You have rice, soup, noodles, bone, porridge, heating, cake, bean and meat. Although these are pre-set with times you have got +/- buttons which allow you to adjust the timing to suit yourself.

The CookJoy pressure cooker comes with and easy clean lid with removable inner plate and gasket. It has a stainless steel inner pot much like the Instant Pot Duo which has measures on the side which is helpful when you are cooking rice or just need to have a specific amount of water or stock for a recipe.

The pressure valve is built into the lid, once you have your ingredients in the pot lock on the lid and turn the valve to seal. Once you have pressed your selection on the front screen the pressure cooker will will start to come up to pressure.

The led display will show the times that are set and once you get to pressure it will show you the countdown of the cooking time. You have the ability to delay start time for up to 20 hours and when the cooking is finished it will automatically keep warm until you are ready for it. Just turn the pressure valve to release and the steam will release from inside. You won’t be able to open the lid until all of the steam is released which usually only takes about a minute.

There is also a safety feature which turns off the pressure cooker if the liquid in the inner pot runs dry to prevent the good from burning. It’s also compliant with ETL and FDA.

You not only get a 6 litre stainless steel inner pot similar to the Instant Pot Duo but there is also a rack and steam tray, a measuring cup and spoon. The benefit of a stainless steel inner pot is that no matter what you cook inside your pressure cooker it’s easy to clean out the pot. If it needs some scrubbing it will cause no damage with stainless steel and you can use any type of utensil, it doesn’t matter if it’s metal. If you have a non stick pot you have to be careful not to be too rough in cleaning it so you don’t take off the non stick surface and it’s much easier to scratch.

A 6 litre size pot in this CookJoy Pressure Cooker 6 Litre 8-in-1 Multipurpose Electric Pressure Cooker is perfect for families and you can easily make stews to feed the whole family and it’s also big enough that you can fit a whole chicken in the pot to pressure cook it. There are smaller pressure cookers if you’re worried that this size will be too big for you like the Cosori 2 litre pressure cooker, but even though the pot size is 6 litres you can cook smaller amounts quite easily.

Customer Opinion

There aren’t too many customer reviews on but of the reviews there all of them are giving a 5 star rating for this pressure cooker. The main things that they liked about this electric pressure cooker is the fact that it is high quality and made of good material. They feel that it is easy to clean up and it does a great job of a pressure cooker. There is an instruction booklet which they feel is adequate

The only downside is that it advertises slow cooking but doesn’t say how to do it.


If you don’t like pressure cookers that have non stick inner pots and would prefer stainless steel then you will like this pressure cooker. It’s easy to use with a touch button control panel and will look great on the worktop. This CookJoy pressure cooker is not the cheapest pressure cooker out there but it’s good quality and can do the job.

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