COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 2 litre

COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 2 litre
COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 2 litre

If you’re looking for a small electric pressure cooker because you don’t have space for a larger one or you just don’t need that capacity the options aren’t many. The COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 2 litre might be the perfect option for smaller households.

Today we’ll be looking at what you can do with this little pressure cooker, can it do as much as a larger version and is it worth spending money on a smaller version. We’ll also be looking at what the customers who have bought this pressure cooker think about it. If you don’t have much space at home or you’re looking for a small electric pressure cooker to use in a camper or caravan have a look at this one.

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COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 2 litre Review

In the UK there aren’t many small electric pressure cookers for the smaller households so when I saw this COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 2 litre, I wanted to make sure I brought it to your attention.

The Cosori 7-in-1 multi-functional pressure cooker is designed to satisfy the need for easy storage and it’s a perfect choice for small families for up to 2-3 people, it’s also a great size for students who are only going to cook for themselves, working professionals who travel a lot and stay in places that don’t have cooking facilities. This would also make a great wedding gift if you’ve been invited to a wedding and are looking for ideas for a present. This is small enough to take for travelling & camping and because pressure cooking is so quick you can save energy when using it.

Like most electric pressure cookers that are larger it can replace 7 common kitchen devices – Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté Pan, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer. The chances are you will use most of these options if not all and it requires very little clean up as it is mainly the inner pot and utensils. Cooking without the hassle of multiple pots and pans makes you more liable to do it.

13 Micro Processor-Controlled programs which give you a varied range of options to cook your food. You can cook Rice, Yogurt, Soup, Multigrain, Slow Cook, Bake, Steam, Sauté, Poultry, Beans, Meat/Stew, Porridge and the Keep Warm function which comes on automatically means you don’t have to eat it immediately. When you use pressure to make your meals it can cook up to 70% faster and save money, you also have the luxury of being able to control what you put into your home-cooked meals to give you the healthiest choices.

Some people have a fear of pressure cookers because they remember the old ones our mothers used to use which hissed at every movement in the kitchen but you will be surprised at how quiet and safe the newer electric versions are. 9 proven safety mechanisms ensure safe operation for daily use by beginners or professionals. You have lid lock safety, you can’t open the lid without the pressure being fully released and a lid position monitor to make sure you have locked it into place correctly. There are pressure monitors and guards in place to make sure it doesn’t exceed what it’s designed to do, there are temperature monitors in place to make sure it can’t overheat and anti clog protection so that the food can’t splash up into the pressure valve and stop it releasing. That’s a lot of safety for a small unit.

Dishwasher-safe food-grade stainless steel (18/8) inner pot, 3-ply stainless steel & aluminium base for strong thermal conductivity. Comes fully equipped with a glass lid, extra silicone sealing ring, stainless steel steam rack, ladle, rice spoon, and measuring cup.

CE/RoHS approved, 2-year warranty by Cosori.

What can you do with this small pressure cooker?

First and foremost you have a compact pressure cooker, it comes with a stainless steel inner pot and with the saute function you have the ability to sear your meat and vegetables to give them added colour before you cook. There are different pre- programmed food options to choose from by pressing a button on the control panel but you can also manually adjust or set your own time if you want to. You can fill up to the maximum level which can be easier to do in a smaller cooker, but even so you can make enough for 2-3 people depending on portion size.

The lid is very user friendly by being attached at the side so you can just lift the lid up when the cooking is finished and it stays in place, but it easily slides out of the bracket for cleaning. There is also a user friendly pressure valve setup on the lid, no worrying if you have it pointing in the right direction, there are 2 buttons on the top, one for pressure and the other for releasing, so you’re pressure can be released without you having to touch the pressure valve, less chance of touching hot steam. The lid is also well marked with open and close so it’s hard not to put it on correctly.

There is also a slow cooker function on this pressure cooker and they even supply you with a transparent glass lid so you can see your food cooking. You don’t need pressure to slow cook.

You can also steam, cook rice and make yoghurt too.

Is it worth spending money on a small pressure cooker.

If you are more likely to use a small pressure cooker than a larger one then most definitely, yes. This only takes up a small space so you can leave it on your worktop without it taking over and you can also easily store it in a cupboard. You have quite a few functions that larger pressure cookers have, mostly the ones that people use most often.

The only electric pressure cooker in the same size range is the Pressure King Pro 3 litre pressure cooker, this COSORI 7-in-1 Mini pressure cooker is a little more expensive but it offers a stainless steel inner pot and steam rack, the PKP is a non stick inner pot and doesn’t have a cooking rack included. The cooking functions are much the same. You can get a bigger pressure cooker for the same money but if you don’t have the space this is a good alternative.

Customer Reviews

Although there are only a few Cosori pressure cooker reviews at present on the COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 2 litre, the overall opinion is that this is a great little pressure cooker that can handle pressure cooking and slow cooking. This is a perfect size for a couple and is easily stored as its not too large.


For people looking for a small electric pressure cooker the COSORI 7-in-1 Mini Electric Pressure Cooker 2 litre is the perfect choice. It’s easy to use, easy to store and you can be cooking quick one pot meals straight out of the box.

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