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How to Clean Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Parts

Have you ever wondered how to clean Instant Pot pressure cooker parts properly? You’ve spent good money buying your pressure cooker, and you can keep it looking like new if you deep clean it regularly.

I have a 3 litre mini pressure cooker which I use quite a bit, so I thought I would have a good look at it and see if it needed a bit more of a deeper clean.

Cleaning My Instant Pot

Instant pot mini

Using the tips from Mary’s Nest I decided to inspect my pressure cooker. I normally clean the lid and the inner pot but I don’t always clean the rest as much.

The stainless steel inner pot

Instant pot inner pot

It’s hard to see on this picture but I do have some hard water marks on my pot. It’s nothing that worries me too much but I decided to try a deep clean to see if removes the marks.

I usually clean with soapy water and a simple non scratch scrubber. I’ve never had any serious burn marks on it or dried on burnt bits, but it can happen depending what you’re making.

Stainless steel can take a bit of scrubbing without damage which is why I like the Instant Pot.

If normal scrubbing doesn’t work you can try deep cleaning.

Instant pot lid and seal

Instant Pot lid and seal

You can clean the lid in the same fashion as the inner pot. Soap and scrubber.

If any food has got under the seal, you can easily remove it. Just get your thumb underneath and pull up as in the picture.

I tend to just rinse the lid under the tap and wash the seal. Dry them as normal or sit them on a tea towel while they drip dry.

Do you suffer from a smelly seal?

Mine did smell a bit. It’s not a big deal, as it doesn’t transfer the smell to any food you are making but if it bothers you and you don’t want to keep buying spares then use this simple fix.

seal in vinegar

Find a container that will hold the seal lying flat. Cover with white vinegar and leave to soak for a couple of hours, you can even leave it to soak overnight.

Rinse and it should be smell free. I left mine for an hour, it still smelled a bit so next time I will leave it longer.

The main body

cleaning the main body

You obviously can’t immerse this in water but you can use a damp cloth to wipe around stainless steel and the control panel. Shine it up with a dry cloth.

If you have trouble with the rim around the top of your pressure cooker, use the corner of the cloth to get into the space. If you find some bits of food you can’t get to, try a bottle brush or a tooth brush to scrub it. Once cleaned you can dry it with a dry cloth.

bottle brush cleaning the rim

This should be enough to keep your instant pot looking like new if you do it after each use.

Deep cleaning

If you have stains that you would like to remove, try this deep clean which is recommended by Instant Pot themselves.

pressure cook with vinegar

Use 2 cups of white vinegar inside the instant pot and put on the lid. Set the valve to seal. Set the manual control to 2 minutes and use the high setting.

front panel showing 2 minutes

Once it’s finished pressure cooking, safely release the steam using the quick release.

The reason you do this is so that the vinegar will sterilise around the valve as the steam is forced out as well as sterilising the inside.

This should remove any water stains or marks on the inner pot and once rinsed should polish up like new.

shiny inner pot

I found that it didn’t really make a difference to the water stains on my inner pot, but they aren’t very pronounced. It did lessen the smell of the seal and that was worth it.

If you have any stubborn stains that refuse to come off you can try bar keepers friend  but I would definitely try the steam clean first.

clean pressure cooker

When you store your Instant Pot, leave the lid turned up as it gives it chance to air dry and any lingering smells (of vinegar) to dissipate.


I’d like to give a big thank you to Mary from Marys Nest, she goes through all of the steps in her youtube video and made me want to try it.

I’ll definitely keep doing it, as this is one of my most used kitchen gadgets. Now you know how to clean your Instant Pot, you can keep it shiny and looking like new.

instant pot parts

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