Instant Pot is finally back in the UK, has it been worth the wait?

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Instant PotIf you live in the UK you will know that finding an Instant Pot for sale has been like finding gold dust. Since Christmas there has been no stock here and although there are alternatives like the Pressure King Pro it’s difficult to find an electric pressure cooker with the same features.

It looks like the wait is now over and the stock has started to come in to so that the UK householders can benefit from this electric pressure cooker.

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Another look at the Instant Pot

So what is it about the Instant Pot Duo that has everyone on tenter hooks waiting for it to arrive from the manufacturers.

I believe that the Instant Pot offers you all the functionality of an excellent electric pressure cooker but it is also a multi-cooker that offers you cooking solutions that can do away with other kitchen equipment that you might already have and don’t use very often or have been thinking of buying.

So why buy the Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro, the PKP is more readily available in the UK and is cheaper to buy?

When looking at the Instant Pot 7 in 1 Pros and Cons one of the main reasons people have been veering towards the Instant pot is the stainless steel accessories including the inner pot. There has been worries about the non-stick coatings and problems with them scratching off and people want the safer and more resilient option, especially when you use it a lot. You can also buy parts easily if you want extra gaskets or different steaming trays.

They also like the multi-cook options and find them easier to use. This is a 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Cooker, a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker, you can do saute/browning, use it as a yoghurt maker, a steamer and a warmer. Some people still remember the old days of stove top pressure cookers that our mothers used that were a bit scary, to say the least. The Instant Pot comes with 10 proven safety mechanisms if you’re nervous of pressure cookers and it is quiet and easy to use.

Out of all of the pressure cookers that offer a slow cooker option the Instant pot seems to be the Best Slow Cooker Pressure Cooker for the price. You not only get the different cooking levels that you would on a standard slow cooker but you can also buy a see through lid to use for easy viewing and you have the option to sear your meat and vegetables if you like to do that before slow cooking your meal..

There aren’t many options of the Instant Pot in the UK, especially at the moment but there is another 6 litre product that was the pre-curser to the Duo which is the Lux V3 and it’s slightly cheaper(or was) Are the differences worth the money? There is not a lot between these 2 options, mainly between some of the pre-programmed options and the handles on the lid. Not enough of a difference that if money is a problem you won’t get a decent pressure cooker with the cheaper Lux. I’m sure that once they get the supply sorted out for the Duo the Lux and the 8 litre option won’t be far behind in being stocked as there are uk versions already.

It would be a shame if you bought the Instant Pot and didn’t make the most of what it can do. Most of us buy these gadgets with all good intentions and then fall back on failsafe meals because they are easy and we don’t have to think about them. You can check out Instant pot recipes online, you can also find lots of recipes on Pinterest and Amazon have a good collection of cook books available. Once you try something different that you know works because someone else has already made it, you might start to make some more exciting meals for your family.

Where to buy instant pot

At the moment your main source of the Instant Pot is at Once the stock starts to flow a bit more readily you may start to see it at other online retailers or in department stores but the benefit of buying through is that you can get next day delivery with Prime and you have a 30 day return window if you’re not happy. It’s always worth checking out their special deal days too as you can pick up a bargain.


If you’re wondering what the hype is all about then check out the Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker for yourself, it’s a good family sized unit that is easy to use, whether you want to cook a whole chicken or steam some fish. You can steam boil eggs which are a breeze to peel, you can slow cook using any recipes that you already use.

There is an option so you can make soup in no time or set the delay timer and have a one pot meal ready for you and your family to sit down to eat when you’re ready. It has a keep warm function if it’s ready before you are and it also gives you the opportunity to make foods from scratch which can be cheaper for a family and you will be able to decide what goes into it, so less additives.

All in all you won’t be disappointed with your Instant Pot, and it might turn out the be the most used piece of kitchen equipment you own.

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