Instant Pot Vs Pressure King Pro

Instant Pot vs Pressure King Pro

Instant Pot Duo

As the Electric Pressure Cooker is becoming more popular and the availability online is much easier, it’s hard to know which one to choose.

Today we’re going to compare 2 very popular pressure cookers to see if we can help narrow down your choice by looking at different aspects that we feel are what customers are interested in .

The 2 products we are looking at are the Instant Pot Duo and the Pressure King Prowhich are 2 of the best sellers on Amazon.

If you want to see all the details or check out the latest offers on Amazon click on the pictures below.

Size and Colour Options

Depending on how many people you are cooking  will affect your decision on whether you want a large pressure cooker or a small pressure cooker and if it’s important for you to have colour matching kitchen equipment you need to know if the Instant Pot vs King Pro are the best pressure cookers to fit that bill.

The fact that you can buy an electric pressure cooker that not only allows pressure cooking but also slow cooking, steaming, sauteeing and other options, makes it a perfect choice to free up time in your life by shortening meal prep time and speeding up cooking times.

The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 has 3 size options, the new Instant Pot 3L, the 6L and an 8L pot. You have to remember that although the pot says 6L you can’t fill it to the top so the amount you can cook isn’t that amount. That said, the standard size is 6L and for most things that size seems to be sufficient for the average family, if you want to do lots of batch cooking or if you have a larger family then it could be worth your while investing in the bigger size.

There is only 1 colour for this Instant Pot and that is the stainless steel with black lid.

So how does the Pressure King Pro compare? Apart from the basic pressure king pro digital pressure cooker chrome, there is a 3L, in the 8 in 1 range and it comes in Red, Chrome or Black. There is a 5L in the 12 in 1 range which also has colours Red, Chrome and Black and finally there is a 6L, 20 in1 in chrome.


As you would expect if you compare pressure cooker prices, the 3L, and 5L sizes on the Pressure King Pro are less cost than the Instant Pot.  When you go to the 6L in the Pressure King Pro it’s only just less price than the 8L Instant Pot, although there are more features.


When it comes to the cooking features, both of these multi – cookers have similar cooking functions.

  • Pressure Cooker
  • Slow Cooker
  • Rice Cooker
  • Saute/Browning
  • Steamer
  • Keep Food Warm
  • 24 hr delay timer

Comparing the preset programs on the Pressure King Pro vs Instant Pot, the differences are the IP offers yoghurt making and the PKP offers canning. The 3L Pressure King Pro doesn’t have either of those options although the 3L Instant Pot offers the same as it’s big brother. The 6L Pressure King Pro has all of the above options and also offers, frying, pizza, baking and Jam making.

There are options to change the pressure level if you have pressure cooker recipes that calls for it on both of these models but I must admit I’ve always used the standard pressure setting.

You can also choose quick pressure release by moving the steam release valve open or natural pressure release by leaving the pressure release valve closed and waiting it out. Leaving it to stand, which is a bit slower, stops liquid spraying out when you have a larger volume of liquid inside.


The main difference between the Pressure King Pro 5 litre accessories and the Instant Pot accessories is the inner pot, the Instant Pot offers a stainless steel cooking pot option, the Pressure King Pro inner pot is a non stick option on all of their ranges. Both offer measuring cups and spoons and all but the 3L have a steam tray.

There seems to be more options to buy spares with the instant pot, as well as replacement pots, you can get a steam basket, a normal pan lid and a silicon lid for the pot so you can store it in the fridge. I could only find a spare pot for the Pressure King Pro accessories.

Customer Issues

The main issues with the Instant Pot are to do with the slow cooker, which doesn’t seem to offer slow cook at the right temperatures of a normal slow cook appliance. Apparently it doesn’t heat up enough to cook it properly, on the other hand the saute option is too hot and not adjustable.There is also issues about the inner pot, because it isn’t non stick, food can burn on the bottom.

The main Pressure King Pro problems are to do with the lid, a lot of people have problems getting the lid on and off, they also have problems getting spare parts like the seal and the pressure valve. The inner tray didn’t fit well and was poor quality.


So if colour is your thing, the Pressure King Pro has the best range, it also has the smallest size .

The Instant Pot has the largest sizes but only in chrome.

If a 5L pot is big enough for your family then the Pressure King Pro is the cheaper option, if you need larger then your probably better off sticking to the Instant Pot.

Theres little difference between the Instant Pot vs Pressure King in the cooking options offered except with the Pressure King Pro 6L 20 in 1, which has a few extra options but that is reflected in the higher price.

Again there is little difference in the accessories in the box, the main being the stainless steel pot in the Instant Pot compared to the non stick aluminium pot in the Pressure King Pro. There are 1 or 2 extras that can be bought for the Instant Pot making it a bit more user friendly.

Although there are issues with both pressure cookers, they are in small proportion to the number of happy customers loving the products.

In my previous product reviews I felt that the Instant Pot was my Winner for the Best Electric Pressure Cooker, after comparing it against the Pressure King Pro, I  haven’t changed my mind. I think it is better quality, slightly higher on price, the product features are similar but the accessories and extras that you can buy are of better quality.

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