James Martin by Wahl ZX916 Multi Cooker

James Martin by Wahl ZX916 Multi Cooker
James Martin by Wahl ZX916 Multi Cooker

If you’re looking to buy a piece of kitchen equipment that can do more than one job, then the James Martin by Wahl ZX916 Multi Cooker might be of interest to you. If you’re from the UK then you will have heard of the lovely James Martin and probably watched him on Saturday morning cookery shows, having a chef recommend a product is always a plus and it’s not overpriced because of it. We’ll be looking today at what you can do with this multi cooker so you can decide if it’s worth giving kitchen space to it, I’m sure that you will love it.

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James Martin by Wahl ZX916 Multi Cooker Review

This appliance can do more than one function but what it is not is a pressure cooker. Check the features below

  • The James Martin Multi Cooker has been cleverly designed to produce a large range of mouth-watering dishes with ease.
  • With 6 functions for steaming, sautéing, stewing, cooking brown and white rice and for desserts
  • LED smart control with 24 hr delay timer, adjustable cooking timer and keep warm function
  • Family Sized 4L capacity. Non stick easy clean inner bowl and dishwasher safe parts.
  • Includes James Martin recipe booklet

You can use this multi cooker to steam your food, it comes with a 4 litre non stick inner bowl and a steamer tray which fits on top of it, you can steam your fish meat and vegetables, whatever you can fit in the tray, just add water to the bottom, close the lid and press the steam button. There is a pre-set time but it’s easily adjustable if you want it on longer or shorter. There’s nothing stopping you from adding your potatoes in the water that you have put in for the steamer, I’ve often cooked my potatoes below my vegetables and then you can have a whole meal in one pot.

If you want to make a stew and you like to brown your meat and vegetables before you start to seal the meat and add extra flavour with the brownings then you just add a little oil in the base of the pot and press the saute button, it gives you a 30 minute set time but that’s adjustable, once the pot has heated up add your meat and vegetables and brown to your desired level then add your stock cancel the saute option and press the stew button. You can add any other ingredients you want then close the lid and let it cook, at the end of the timing it will automatically go onto the keep warm function until you’re ready for it. You can also use the sear button if you want to thicken your stew before you serve it.

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If you like rice with your meals this Wahl ZX916 Multi Cooker has 2 rice options, white or brown rice which is basically a timing thing as you tend to cook brown rice longer than white. There is a rice cup included in with the unit and there is a water level on the side of the inner pot which is meant to be used after you have added your dried rice. You can add any flavourings if you wish and then close the lid and press the button. People don’t all like their rice the same way so you may need to experiment a little with the timing if it isn’t quite to your liking, but once you have it right you can repeat it every time. There’s nothing to stop you from making a full pot of rice and then freezing the portions you don’t use.

If like me you have a sweet tooth then you will be pleased to know that you can make your pudding in this cooker too. Mix up your cake or pudding batter and add into the base of the inner pot, close the lid and press the dessert button, there is a pre-set time of 40 minutes. When your cake has finished cooking place a cooling tray over the top of the inner pot and flip it upside down, the cake should come out easily because the pot is non-stick.

One of the good things about this James Martin by Wahl ZX916 Multi Cooker is the delay timer, you can have everything in the pot and set it to start cooking so that it is ready for when you want it.

There are quite a few different multi cookers out there and they are various prices but more expensive doesn’t always mean better. Most multi cookers offer similar functions check out our reviews on the Sage BRC600UK and the Tefal RK812142 if you want a comparison. Although multi cookers don’t usually pressure cook you can get pressure cookers which will multi cook like the Instant Pot Duo so it’s worth deciding if the functions offered are enough for your needs.

Customer Opinion

The size of the pot seems to be sufficient for a stew or for cooking rice for a family and it makes exceedingly good rice. The stew function leaves the meat tender and flavoursome and most people find that the controls are easy to use and adjust the timing to suit.

Some people have found that is leaves a lot of water on the worktop when you open the lid which can be annoying, the lid can’t be removed which makes it a bit more difficult to clean. You have to be careful you don’t add too much water as it can boil over.


This is a reasonably priced multi cooker and you can use it in a variety of ways. If you like one pot cooking this will work great for you and if you’re setting up your kitchen or buying a gift there is the James Martin by Wahl Multi Cooker and Grind and Chop bundle available for a good price too.

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