Lakeland Mini Multi Cooker

Lakeland Mini Multi Cooker – 1.4 Litre

Lakeland Mini Multi Cooker - 1.4 LitreIf you’re looking for a smaller multi-cooker, whether you live on your own, are a couple or just want the option to make smaller quantities sometimes then take a look at this Lakeland Mini Multi Cooker – 1.4 Litre. The benefits of having a multi-cooker are that you don’t have to have an appliance for each function, it’s space saving and you’re more likely to use it more often rather than having it take up cupboards space. We’re going to be looking at the mini multi-cooker to see what it can do.

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Lakeland Mini Multi Cooker Review


  • An amazing mini multi cooker – cook soup, curry, casserole, oatmeal, cake, yoghurt, rice & much more
  • Great for quick, convenient meals with 8 convenient programmes for easy one-touch cooking.
  • With simple to use clear LED panel, countdown timer, & helpful auto keep-warm function.
  • Whether you like your meal cooked up quickly, or braised slowly – this clever cooker does it all!
  • Buy this product from Lakeland & you can return it for up to 3 years. Proof of purchase is necessary

This Lakeland Mini Multi Cooker is a white and silver colour and is almost square in shape with a carrying handle and it’s dimensions are 23.5 x 28 x 20cm. It has a 2 litre bowl but has a working capacity of 1.4 litres as you can’t fill the bowl to the very top when cooking.

With the press of a button the lid will lift and you can access the bowl inside. The bowl is removable and has a non-stick coating. There are internal measurements inside the bowl to make it easier if you’re making rice or just want to measure the liquid you use in your recipes.

The lid has a steam vent and an inner lid with a seal, similar to a pressure cooker, which is removable to make it easier to clean after using. Below the bowl there is a heating plate and the unit has an integrated temperature sensor.

There is a control panel on the front of the unit which has an easy to read led display, it’s well laid out and intuitive to use. There are 6 pre-programmed options:

  • white rice
  • brown rice
  • oatmeal
  • quinoa
  • cake
  • yoghurt

For a small machine it packs a lot of punch, you can cook your favourite foods at a touch of a button. If you prefer to cook from scratch or you want to start cooking from scratch this Lakeland multi-cooker is a perfect solution. As well as the pre-set options you have a fast cook button and a slow cook button so you can speed up the rice cooking if you need to and slow down your cooking so that you can make soup, stew, curries and casseroles. There’s nothing easier than throwing a few ingredients into the pot and a few hours later you have a beautiful casserole for your evening meal. You can adjust the cooking times to suit any recipe that you have, you don’t have to stick with the pre-set time given. You even have the option to make yoghurt which is so simple to make with only a couple of ingredients and you can even use the yoghurt button to prove dough if you’re baking bread. You can even make a cake if you’re so inclined, the versatility of this machine is incredible.

Once you have set the time for you’re cooking you will see it displayed in the led display and then you can see it counting down as it cooks so you will be able to check when you’re food is going to be ready and it will beep when it is finished. There is a keep warm function that will kick in as soon as the timer ends to keep your food warm until you are ready to serve it.

You will receive a measuring cup and rice spoon so its quick and easy to measure out your rice and the measures on the side of the inner pot lets you know the quantity of liquid you need to make it perfectly.

This Lakeland mini multi-cooker is easy to clean, the inner pot can be washed up in soapy water and the casing is just to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Check it out here:

Customer Opinion

Customers who have bought this Lakeland mini multi-cooker found it to be worth it’s weight in gold, it’s easy to clean and use, they love the way it makes rice and it makes a great gift.

The main bug bears on this multi-cooker is the fact that the slow cooker only has one heat setting which is high and people would have been happier if it had two. The other thing people missed was a recipe book included.


If you’re looking for a multi-cooker that can let you cook different ways and only takes up a small space on your worktop and is even small enough to store easily in a cupboard then consider the Lakeland Mini Multi Cooker – 1.4 Litre. Lakeland are a well known brand that offer quality products and this item is no exception. You won’t be disappointed.

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