Morphy Richards Intellichef Multi-Cooker 562020 White/Black Multicooker

Morphy Richards Intellichef Multi-Cooker 562020When you have limited cooking facilities or just want to cut down on your kitchen appliances you should definitely check out the Morphy Richards Intellichef Multi-Cooker 562020. You have a mini oven, cooking pot and fryer in one very flexible and useful multicooker. Whether you’re a beginner in the kitchen or the family cook having appliances in the kitchen that are very easy to use mean that you will use them often.

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Morphy Richards Intellichef Review


  • The Intellichef multi cooker has 9 in 1 functions for all your cooking styles so no need for multiple appliances
  • The 5 litre bowl capacity is large enough for a full meal for the whole family
  • The toughened glass lid makes it easy to monitor your foods cooking process
  • The clear temperature display makes it easy to cook with precision
  • Accessories include a steaming rack, frying basket and 4 silicone egg poaching cups, which fit into the unit for compact storage

The Morphy Richards Intellichef Multi-Cooker 562020 is 33.5 x 33.5 x 23 cm in size. It’s not too large to sit on your worktop or to fit in a cupboard. To look at, it resembles a slow cooker, but this Morphy Richards multi cooker is much more versatile than that.

The base has all of the electrics included, it’s black and white in colour and will fit in with any style of kitchen. There is a temperature control knob on the front which is how you will control this Morphy Richards Intellichef. The temperature markings are well marked and easy to read, you can keep the temperature low for slow cooking and high for frying.You have a temperature range of 80C– 240C and there is a booklet included which will give the a guideline of the temperatures to use for each function.

The cooking bowl is non-stick aluminium and 5 litres in size which can hold enough for a small family. The bowl is easily removable for when you need to wash it up.

There is a lid which is made from toughened glass with a seal around it so that you keep all the goodness in the bowl and it allows you to keep an eye on what’s cooking without having to take the lid off all of the time and lose the built up heat.

When you’re looking for the best multi cooker you want it to be able to manage different functions so you can do without lots of appliances. This  is a 9 in 1 cooker so you will find yourself using it much more that you will expect. What you can do in this all in one cooker is:

  • Grill
  • Braise
  • Fry
  • Stir-fry
  • Boil
  • Steam
  • Fast Stew
  • Slow Cook
  • Poach

In this electric multi cooker you can braise, stir-fry, boil, fast stew and slow cook straight in the bowl. You can adjust the temperature to cook as you need to. If you like to sear your food before you slow cook or braise your meat you can start at a higher temperature then add other ingredients then adjust down to suit. If you want to heat up something fast or slow you can, make soups or stews and adjust the temperature as you go as if you would using a pan on the cooker. The only thing it isn’t is a pressure cooker but it’s very versatile all the same.

You also receive accessories so you can cook other ways in your Intellichef. A steaming rack, frying basket and 4 x silicone egg poaching cups. Using the steaming rack you could be cooking rice in the base as you steam fish on the rack. You have a lot of options available. The frying basket allows you to be able to deep fry. The basket is shallow enough that you don’t have to fill up the bowl with oil and it sits on the side of the bowl to drain.

Once your intellichef 9 in 1 multicooker has cooled after cooking you can clean all the items by washing up in warm soapy water. All of the accessories fit into the bowl for easy storage when you’re finished. Check it out in the video below

Customer Opinion

Buyers love the fact that you can control the temperature yourself, turn it up for searing and then set it for slow cooking and leave to cook. They find the clean up very easy. One customer has taken it to use in their caravan, it’s much easier to control the temperature than a gas oven.

Some customers felt is didn’t go hot enough to make chips so took too long and another had to return due to the temperature not going to 240C as advertised. Others had issues with the unit not working.


This Morphy Richards Intellichef Multi-Cooker 562020 is a very usable item for your kitchen without you having to invest in a deep fat fryer, slow cooker, electric frying pan and steamer. It would make a great gift for a student or a single person with either no kitchen or only a small kitchen without too much room for gadgets. That’s not to say you wouldn’t make good use of it if you have a larger family.

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