Morphy Richards Pressure Cooker 15-in-1 Multicooker MyPot 560005 950w Green White Accessories included

Morphy Richards Pressure Cooker 15-in-1 Multicooker MyPot 560005 950w Green White Accessories
Morphy Richards MyPot 560005

I’m always on the lookout for different electric pressure cookers because the range in the UK isn’t exactly great and the good ones are hard to find. Morphy Richards have released a new product the Morphy Richards Pressure Cooker 15-in-1 Multicooker MyPot 560005 950w Green White Accessories included.

When you look at this pressure cooker it looks totally different to any design I’ve ever seen before. Although it’s easy to buy a basic pressure cooker most people want a multi-cooker so they can have all their gadgets in one appliance and this is a multi-cooker.

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56005 MyPot Pressure Cooker Review



This pressure cooker is described as a large 4 litre capacity for the entire family. As the standard size of pressure cooker is usually 6 litres I don’t think I would class it as large but it’s not the smallest either. You can get 2 litre and 3 litre electric pressure cookers but this is a sort of in between size although I’m sure it would be big enough to cook for a small family.

It’s shaped like a ball with a white body and black lid and bright green accent, I think it would look good on your kitchen worktop. I think the shape although innovative has dictated the size of the inner pot. Like all pressure cookers this will cook multiple dishes in much less time making it a must in the modern kitchen.

The pressure valve is in the handle of the MyPot pressure cooker which has a twist lock action to seal it. To fit the lid on just line up the arrow on the lid with the open mark on the base then turn to the locked position. The pressure valve is marked with 3 positions, 2 vent positions and 1 seal. To set your valve for pressure cooking turn it to the seal position and when the cooking has finished turn to one of the vent positions to release the steam. Be careful of the hot steam when venting, you can always wear an oven glove if you’re worried about burning yourself.


This MyPot is a 950w pressure cooker that you can use, it also has 10 preset functions to make it easier to cook.

  1. Raw King Prawns
  2. Fish Fillets
  3. Rice/Pasta
  4. Brown Rice
  5. Chicken Casserole
  6. Bolognese/Chilli
  7. Meat Stews, Rice Pudding
  8. Stocks and Soups
  9. Meat Joints
  10. Potatoes

It uses pressurised steam, as all pressure cookers do, which cooks your meals quickly while retaining the goodness of the vitamins and minerals in the pot.

This isn’t just an electric pressure cooker though it can also sear, slow cook, make soup and steam so that you can do many different cooking styles with just one appliance.

Morphy Richards Pressure Cooker 15-in-1 Multicooker MyPot 560005 950w Green White Accessories included

Control Panel

The 56005 MyPot Pressure Cooker has a very minimal control panel but it’s very easy to use. Once you have all of your ingredients in the pressure cooker ready for cooking place the lid on and set the valve to seal. If you know the amount of minutes you want to cook for then press the M – manual button and it will show 01(that is the number of minutes). Use the up and down arrow buttons to set the number of minutes and then press the on/off button to start.

The display will just show the number of minutes until it reaches pressure, the amount of time depends on how full the inner pot is and if you have used boiling water for you stock. It will flash for 5 seconds when it has reached pressure then it will start to time down on the led panel. When the cooking is finished it will automatically go to keep warm until you’re ready to vent and serve. The integrated keep warm feature will continue for up to 1.5 hours.

To use the preset functions you will press the P – program button and the light will show up on one of the 4 cooking functions on the front of the unit. The soup and pressure cooker are under pressure and the slow cooker and sear are not. Press the on/off button to start.

Morphy Richards Pressure Cooker 15-in-1 Multicooker MyPot 560005 950w Green White Accessories included

To use the Sear function the lid is not used, place some oil in the bottom of the pot and using instructions above select sear and then on/off. You get a preset time of 15 minutes. Use utensils that wont scratch the inner pot and fry off the ingredients you want. When you are ready to go onto the next step (soup,slow cook or pressure cook)press off to stop then add all the other ingredients and stock place the lid on and follow the above instructions so select the function you want.

The Slow cooking option when chosen gives you a time of 6hrs total. You must make sure that the pressure valve is on vent before you start the cooking. There is only 1 heat option on the slow cooker which is probably the high setting on a slow cooker.

Pressure cooking options are chosen when you choose pressure cooker it will give you the display of 01, use the up and down arrows to choose between 1-10 and press the on/off button to start. The times for these options are preset.

Delay timer can be set up to 10 hours in advance of cooking. Follow the instructions to set for pressure cooking and then press and hold the on/off button (0.1=1hour) use the arrow button to select the delay time. Press the on/off button again to start. This can’t be used on all the functions so check the manual.


The pressure release will automatically engage if the temperature inside exceeds safety levels. If the pressure release valve fails there is a float valve installed which will automatically push out and release the steam. If the temperature gets too high inside the pressure cooker the unit will automatically shut off. There is a safety lock on the lid which will not release until the steam has been full vented.


The Morphy Richards Pressure Cooker comes with a 4 litre non-stick inner pot, a steam rack and a steam tray which must be used on the steam rack, a measuring cup for rice and a rice spoon.

Customer Opinion

As this is a new product there is little customer opinion available but from what I could find on the Morphy Richards site is that it’s easy to use and it works well, especially the pressure cooking function. The only downside that someone has spoken about is the slow cooker seems to have a high setting and it cooked their ingredients quicker than expected.


This Morphy Richards Pressure Cooker 15-in-1 Multicooker MyPot 560005 950w Green White Accessories included is a new model of pressure cooker but the initial reviews seem positive. It’s not the largest but most people find that they don’t fill up a 6 litre pressure cooker so 4 litres might be more than enough. If you’re looking for something a bit different then check out this multi-cooker on

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