5 New Electric Pressure Cooker Choices

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Many people become intimidated with the idea of using a new electric pressure cooker. They get a bad reputation because of the scary stove top cookers used in the past.

The pressure cookers on the market today are safer and easier to use. An electric pressure cooker is also called a multi-cooker. The reason it’s called a multi-cooker is that it will sauté, cook, stew, and more. There are multi-cookers on the market but they don’t have a pressure cook function.

There are different features in every new electric pressure cooker. The key is to find a guide to show you the best one for your needs.

5 New Electric Pressure Cooker Choices

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Ninja OP300UK Foodi 



Haden 193353 Pascale Kitchen Angel Tower 14-in-1 Pressure Cooker Aobosi Electric Pressure Cooker
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What are the advantages/benefits of using an electric pressure cooker?

There are many different advantages to using an electric pressure cooker. The first thing that comes to mind is the quick cooking time.

Using a pressure cooker cuts the cooking time by a third. In the oven, a roast would normally take close to 3 hours to cook, depending on its size. If you cook with a pressure cooker, the same roast cooks in under 40 minutes. Although the cooking time is faster, the food still comes out tasting like it has been in the stove for hours.

Pressure cookers are better for you and the environment because the food cooks with steam. Cooking this way helps to keep all the minerals and vitamins in food.

When cooking with ovens or microwaves, nutrients dissipate in the cooking process. The pressure cooker uses 70% less water, electricity, and gas. This makes it better for the environment.

The pressure cooker is easy to use. All it takes to cook great food in a pressure cooker is water or stock, seasoning and meat or vegetables.

It’s incredibly easy to clean as well. To clean the pressure cooker, you can boil water with lemon and cream of tartar. The mixture of acidity and water will clean the it with no effort at all.

new electric pressure cooker

How the pressure cooker’s used

There are many ways that a pressure cooker’s used. The first thing that you need to look at are the settings. With an electric pressure cooker, the setting options are on the front of the unit. Choose the time or program you need, set the valve on top to pressure and you’re ready to go.

The pressure cooker is often used for large pieces of meat that you would normally roast. It’s used because it makes easy work of the cooking process.

An electric pressure cooker can also sauté food such as vegetables or beef tips for soup. Replace your rice cooker as you can cook rice and other grains too.

Some electric pressure cookers are often used as slow cookers if they have that function. You can replace many other cooking tools, like a yogurt maker, warmer, steamer, sauté pan, and more.

It can also comes in smaller sizes which are great for smaller kitchens.

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Don’t let the fact that these cookers use pressure intimidate you because the safety is built in. The pressure cookers sold today are much safer than versions from the past.

The first safety feature on the pressure cooker is the locking lid. The lid will stay locked in place whether there is electricity going to it or not. And it won’t open until the pressure has released. Be aware of the steam as you lift the lid so you don’t scald yourself.

Another safety feature with new pressure cookers is a second pressure release. This can relieve the pressure if the first one becomes clogged.

The last safety feature is the automatic shut-off for emergencies. This comes into force if you forget to add liquid to the pot. Pressure cooker buyers guide.

There are many features every pressure cooker on the market has but there are some things that might be important to you when shopping for one.

The first thing to look at when choosing a pressure cooker is the material the inner pot consists of. Try to avoid pots that have a non-stick coating. Pressure cooker inner pots with non-stick coatings can scratch easily. If scratched, non-stick material will have food sticking on the bottom and sides.

You might find a stainless steel inner pot a better alternative. This is because you can scrub it clean without scratching.

A good pressure cooker will have different pressure settings. It is important to cook meats at high pressure. But you can cook other things like vegetables and beans at low pressures.

The different pressure settings are useful but not always available. Some electric pressure cookers only have the high setting. I have 3 settings on my electric pressure cooker but I rarely use the lower settings, so don’t stress over it.

It is important to look at all the things you want in a cooker, as they all don’t have slow cooking or time delay options. If that’s important you might have to look at more expensive options.

Check the accessories too because some are a bit lacking in quality.

Ninja OP300UK Foodi Pressure and Multi-Cooker, Black (Top Pick)

Ninjashop now buttonThe Ninja Foodi pressure cooker is from one of the most renowned manufacturers on the market. It’s unique because it gives you the ability to pressure cook and then crisp up your food.

The Ninja Foodi is a versatile pressure cooker that can cook food that is fresh or frozen. Food cooked in this product is cooked with 75% less fat than other pressure cookers.

The touchscreen on the front of the Foodi cooker helps to switch the cooking method. Users can switch methods at any time during the cooking process.

The Ninja Foodi has a large cooking capacity that can cook up to a small 2kg chicken. The inner pot is 6L and the air frying basket is 3.6L which lets you air fry around 1kg of french fries.


• Easy clean up with parts that are non-stick and dishwasher-safe.

• Has a crisping option to make food extra crunchy

• Can cook up to a whole chicken


• Heavier than other pressure cookers

• Lids must be switched when changing cooking methods.

• Price

AIGOSTAR Mi Electric Pressure Cooker 30KYE – 7-in-1 Programmable Multi-Cooker.

AIGOSTARshop now buttonThe AIGOSTAR pressure cooker has the ability to choose between seven different functions. It’s used as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, warmer, sauté, steamer, slow cooker and as a soup pot.

The AIGOSTAR has 15 smart programs that allow users to cook specific types of food. There is a timer on the pressure cooker that’s programmable up to twenty-four hours ahead of time.

The preset function will keep food warm for up to two hours after the cooking is over. If you prefer to set a time manually for your own recipes you can program it for up to 60 minutes. There are three different pressure settings available which include low, medium or high. The AIGOSTAR has nine different mechanisms to ensure safety with use as well.


• 2-Year Warranty

• Three different pressure settings

• Can be programmed beforehand


• Pressure valve gets hot and requires a towel to turn it

• Instructions are hard to read and lacking

Haden 193353 Lorraine Pascale Kitchen Angel

Haden 193353shop buttonThe Haden Lorraine Pascale Kitchen Angel is another option from a famous name.

The Haden pressure cooker has a 5.5 litres capacity. It comes with fifteen different pre-set functions.

All the controls on the pressure cooker are digital and easy to use. The Haden pressure cooker has an easy to read display.

It’s a good size for cooking meals for larger families. The Haden 193353 can cook poultry, beef, soup, vegetables, rice and more. The inner pot is made with a non-stick material that’s dishwasher safe.


• Fifteen different functions

• Energy efficient

• 3 pressure levels


• The inner pot’s made with a non-stick material which could scratch if not careful

Tower 14-in-1 Multi-Cooker Electric Pressure Cooker

tower pressure cookerbuy buttonThe Tower 14-in-1 pressure cooker comes with a slow cook option. This is an improvement on previous models.

The Tower pressure cooker’s priced lower than many others on the market. It has a programmable timer that can be set up to 24 hours ahead of time.

There are 14 different pre-set functions on the Tower pressure cooker. The Tower pressure cooker is easy to use with one simple push of a button.

You can sear your meat and veg before cooking and even cook frozen food in under an hour. There is a limited warranty that comes with every sale of the Tower pressure cooker.


• Slow cook option

• 3 different heat levels for the slow cooke

• Lower in price compared to other pressure cookers


• The instruction manual can be confusing and lacking

• Only 1 level of pressure cooking

Aobosi Electric Multi-Cooker

Aobosishop now buttonThe Aobosi Electric Multi-Cooker is a great pressure cooker with many different uses.

It’s a pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker, saute pan, stockpot, yogurt maker, rice cooker, warmer, and more. Using the Aobosi gives users the ability to cook a full meal in one pot in less cooking time. And more important, less clean up when it’s done.

The Aobosi has a preset function with twelve different options. This makes it easy to use and is great for beginners. If you’re a more experienced cook, it comes with a manual function as well. The Aobosi comes with a stainless-steel inner pot. The benefit being it won’t scratch and is also dishwasher safe.


• Great for beginners and experienced users

• Has 10 different proven safety features

• Has a preset function for twelve cooking abilities


• The steam nozzle can get stuck

• Replacement parts are hard to find


The winner of the 5 new electric pressure cooker choices, is the Ninja Foodi. As well as the pressure cooker option it also has the air frying function for food with great texture as well. This is unique in most pressure cookers. It’s still easy to use with great instructions and directions. If you’re looking for the ultimate in multi-cooking options then this is your guy. That’s not to say that all the other pressure cookers aren’t versatile. And they offer a bit more value if your budget is limited.

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