Pressure King Pro 6 Litre

Pressure King Pro 6 Litre – is the only difference to the 5 litre, the size?

Pressure King Pro 6 LitreOn this page we’re going to give you an overview of the Pressure King Pro 6 Litre pressure cooker and answer the question “Is the only difference to the 5 litre, the size“.

The quick answer is “No”, but whether you go for the Pressure King Pro 6 Litre or the Pressure King Pro 5 Litre, you will be getting an electric pressure cooker that is a real game changer in the home, allowing for quick and easy preparation of food, from breakfast to evening meal.

So lets compare these 2 electric pressure cookers and see which has the features that work best for you.

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What are the features of the Pressure King Pro 6 Litre:

  • Pressure cooks up to 90% faster than conventional methods. Times and temperatures can be adjusted to tailor to different recipes. Make delicious meals in minutes rather than hours!
  • 5 ways to cook! Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Steam, Fry and Multi Cook! Also features 24-hour Delay Timer – simply set it in the morning and your dinner will be ready when you want it
  • 14 easy, pre-programmed touch of a button cooking functions for: Meat, Fish, Stew/Soup, Veg, Cereals, Pasta, Rice, Cake, Bake, Crispy, Pizza, Egg, Yoghurt and Jam
  • Includes BONUS Recipe Book overflowing with more than 80, delicious, mouth-watering meals from soups, stews and pastas to pizzas, risottos and cheesecakes!
  • Even cooks from frozen – cook a whole chicken straight from the freezer in just 60 minute

What is the same on the 5L and 6L:

Apart from the obvious difference of the extra litre capacity in the bowl, both pressure cookers have the same basic functionalities in the pressure cooker, slow cooker, and the steaming options.

Both these pressure cookers have the 24hr delay timer, which is so useful if you like to get organised first thing and set your evening meal to cook so it’s ready when you come in from work. They also have a keep warm mode in case you’re late.

They both look the same, they have the same type of inner pot, a different colour, but still non-stick aluminium, and the same accessories, steam rack, measuring cup and spoon.

They both have pre-set programmed functions for the basic food types, meat, fish, stew/soup and veg.

So what’s the differences:

Well the Pressure King Pro 6L has a higher wattage, which makes sense with the larger volume and it has a multi cook function that allows you to do some different things to the 5L.

You can now fry in this pressure cooker, you can’t do this kind of cooking with the lid under pressure, but on the product main site you can buy a frying basket to fit this cooker.

The other functions that are different are rice, bake, jam, egg, crispy, cake, cereals, pizza and yoghurt. Wow!

They suggest you can bake your own bread in this Pressure King Pro cooker, make jam, and even bake a cake.

This certainly makes for a really versatile piece of kit. Read the full review of the Pressure King Pro 6 Litre

Read our full review of Pressure King Pro 5 Litre, to check out all it’s features.

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So who would benefit from the Pressure King Pro 6 Litre?

It is a larger cooker, so anyone with a larger family to cook for will benefit from having a larger pot, but this is the largest option in the Pressure King Pro family.

This pot might also be useful to anyone who has space issues or lack of facilities in the kitchen. If all you have is a single ring to cook on, being able to make full delicious meals in one pot, and also be able to fry your breakfast, or even make a cake in one machine is pretty cool.

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Whats not to like?

I suppose the biggest drawback is the price, it’s almost twice the price of the Pressure King Pro 5L and although it has more features, they aren’t worth the money if you’re not likely to use them.

There are larger pressure cookers on the market if a 6L pressure cooker isn’t big enough, for around the same price.

Although there are many features, you still only have the one pot to do everything in. If you decide to deep fry, you would need to empty the pot every time after use, if you wanted to shallow fry you have a long way down the pot to work, which isn’t as easy as a frying pan. It would take a bit of organisation to become efficient with it.

Final Thoughts

The Pressure King Pro 6 Litre has more capabilities for the inventive cook. There are a lot of possibilities if you’re prepared to use the functions available, but it is expensive for a 6L electric pressure cooker and if size is your only reason for checking this out, then a 5L pressure cooker might be enough.

If the extra multi cooking functions are what has drawn you to the King Pro pressure cooker 6L then the options are endless and I’m sure you’re going to love this pressure cooker.

If you’re looking for functions without the cost, then definitely check out the Pressure King Pro 5 Litre review  here because it might just have enough for what you want, and it is reasonably priced.

Pressure King Pro 6 Litre

Pressure King Pro 5 Litre


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