Pressure King Pro PKP6L 20-in-1 Digital Pressure Cooker

Pressure King Pro 6 Litre
Pressure King Pro PKP6L 20-in-1 Digital Pressure Cooker

On this page we will be reviewing the Pressure King Pro PKP6L 20-in-1 Digital Pressure Cooker. If you’ve already heard of the Pressure King Pro pressure cookers but want something bigger than a 5 litre size then maybe this Pressure King Pro 6 Litre option will be a better fit for you.

We will be talking about the features of this Pressure King Pro 6 litre electric pressure cooker as it has more options than the Pressure King Pro 5 litre and we’ll be looking at what customers think about it, whether they like it or not.

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If you want to compare it to another 6 litre pressure cooker read our review on the Instant Pot Duo 6 litre.

Pressure King Pro 6 litre 20 in 1 Review

A 6 litre size electric pressure cooker is really only a standard size, you can get larger electric pressure cookers but they don’t have the same features as this Pressure King Pro 6ltr, let’s check out what these features are…

Features of the Pressure King Pro 6ltr

  • Pressure cooks up to 90% faster than conventional methods. Times and temperatures can be adjusted to tailor to different recipes. Make meals in minutes rather than hours!
  • 5 ways to cook! Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Steam, Fry and Multi Cook! Also features 24-hour Delay Timer – simply set it in the morning and your dinner will be ready when you want it
  • 14 easy, pre-programmed touch of a button cooking functions for: Meat, Fish, Stew/Soup, Veg, Cereals, Pasta, Rice, Cake, Bake, Crispy, Pizza, Egg, Yoghurt and Jam
  • Includes BONUS Recipe Book overflowing with more than 80, delicious, mouth-watering meals from soups, stews and pastas to pizzas, risottos and cheesecakes!
  • Even cooks from frozen – cook a whole chicken straight from the freezer in just 60 minutes

This cooker looks very similar to it’s 5ltr brother in shape and style, where the difference comes in is in the control panel on the front of the unit.

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There are 5 cooking options with this 20 in 1 pressure cooker, you can pressure cook which can cook up to 90% faster than normal cooking methods, slow cook, steam, fry and multi-cook.

There is a delay timer on this cooker, this is very handy if you want to set up your meal to be ready for a certain time in the day whether that is for your lunch, evening meal or for your porridge in the morning for breakfast.

There are buttons on the control panel which have a pre-set standard times and there is an dial on the front which you can use to adjust the time up or down to suit your own requirements. Having pre-set times is very helpful if you’re not sure how to cook something or for how long if you don’t have pressure cooker recipes to follow.

The cool thing about this pressure cooker is it’s quick and you can cook meat from frozen too, so if you have to create a meal in a hurry you could do a quick chicken pasta meal with pasta sauce, frozen chicken and pasta, pressure cook for about 20 minutes, it usually takes about 10 minutes to come to pressure and 20 for the cooking, a meal on the table in 30 minutes total. Other recipes are available on youtube and in the included pressure king pro cookbook.

You can also slow cook in this pressure king pro 6 litre, if you want to brown your meat and veg before cooking just set to stew or fry and add a little oil to brown your ingredients then cancel that function add in all your other ingredients and stock, set to slow cook and the heat level you wish, set the time and place on the lid, you don’t need to close the pressure valve. When you slow cook you can also use a glass lid that can be bought from the suppliers if you like to be able to keep an eye on it without opening.

There is a steaming function for your fish and vegetables and it’s also used when you select the egg function to make your boiled eggs.

A new function on this pressure cooker is the fry, you must use this without the lid. It doesn’t come with a fry basket but one can be bought from the supplier so you can deep fry, but with a little oil you can use it as a frying pan for browning or any other fried items, although it is a little more awkward to remove the items from the inner pot.

There is also a multi-cook option which covers your baking functions. You can bake a cake in the Pressure King Pro 6 litre pressure cooker by adding your mixed up cake mix to a greased inner pot and using the bake function with the lid on and the pressure valve set to open, in around 40 minutes you can have a cake. You can find recipes on Pinterest and Facebook to give you a start.

Customer Opinion

Customers feel that this is an amazing product, great to be able to produce a meal in about 30 minutes.

Buyers recommend the pressure king pro because there are so many options and the keep warm function is good.

Owners think this 6 litre is great for making curries and casseroles.

Negatives found are the Pressure King Pro instructions which are confusing, the steam tray isn’t great quality and the customer service wasn’t helpful.


If you just want a pressure cooker with a 6 litre sized pot there are cheaper pressure cookers than this Pressure King Pro 6L 20 in 1, but if you want a multi-cook pressure cooker that you can do lots of different things in saving time and money by not buying extra gadgets or not having to use a large oven or cooker then this Pressure King Pro 6 it is definitely worth considering.

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