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Pressure King Pro
Pressure King Pro 5L

The Pressure King Pro offers a variety of electric pressure cookers to suit every family. If you’re looking to expand your capabilities in the kitchen you would love all the different features that are offered in the different versions of the Pressure King Pro. If you want to cook more of your own meals but you’re struggling with time a pressure cooker can help you get a meal on the table in 30 minutes. Have a look at the many reasons in this article why you might consider the Pressure King Pro as the ideal Christmas gift


The Pressure King Pro is a pressure cooker which can also cook in different ways. The pressure cooking option can speed up your cooking regardless of what foods you are cooking. You can make one pot meals that are quick and easy to prepare and cook and with the option of delayed start time you can set it to cook so it is ready for when you come home from work. When time is a precious commodity anything that can save us time is important.

You can cook joints of meat, whole chickens or just portions, fish, vegetable, rice, grains, stews and soups, the options are endless and you can cook your meat from frozen too.

If you have used a pressure cooker before whether it is a stovetop or electric pressure cooker and you already have recipes that you know the times for cooking you have the option of manually setting your times to suit what you need.

You won’t always be pushed for time and you may prefer at those times to use the slow cooker function to do some of your favourite slow cooker meals, you have the option to use 3 heat settings as on a standard slow cooker and you can even buy a glass lid that you can use instead of the normal pressure cooker lid if you like to see how you meal is progressing.

If you just want to steam some food, whether that is fish, meat or vegetables then that is easily achieved with the pressure king pro, just use your pressure cooker without the pressure valve engaged and you can steam whatever you need.

You’re not limited to just making savoury meals, you can make a cake or puddings or yoghurts in a pressure cooker.

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Reasons why the Pressure King Pro is the best Christmas gift

Reason 1 is the size options available. The Pressure King Pro comes in 3 litre, 5 litre and 6 litre options. Whether for a single person or a couple the pressure king pro 3L can give the capability of cooking one pot meals easily and very quickly, without taking up too much space on the worktop. It has some preset cooking functions so you can just press a button depending on what you want to do. It would make an ideal gift to buy yourself, a loved one or a friend who could do with a quicker way to cook.

The standard 5 litre version offers a few more functions than the 3 litre and the size is more suitable for a family, with it’s non stick inner pot you have no problems if you want to sear your meat or vegetables before stewing them or slow cooking and it makes the clean up very easy.

The 6 litre option can do all of the functions of the other 2 cookers and more, you can even fry in this 20 in 1 pressure cooker, a deep frying basket is available to buy as an accessory.

Reason 2 is that you can get this pressure cooker in different colour options to fit in with your kitchen. All of the size options are available in black, red or chrome.

Reason 3 is the well laid out control panel that has a large led display so you have no trouble knowing how much cooking time is left. You can add all of your ingredients, press a button and walk away, it can be as easy as that. A perfect gift for busy people.

Reason 4 it has built in safety features so you never have to worry when you’re cooking with the pressure king pro, there is the safety locking lid, this will twist lock onto the pressure cooker. Once the cooker starts to pressure cook the lid won’t be able to be opened until all the steam has been release by turning the valve into the open position.

Offers you the flexibility of delaying the time so you can pin-point when you want your meal ready, if you are a bit late it will go automatically into the keep warm mode so your food will stay hot and if you have made a large batch to cover more than one day you can also use the fast reheat mode to heat it up another day. One pot that can do the lot!

Customer Reviews

Most customers who have reviewed the Pressure King Pro pressure cooker are very happy with the price and the functionality of this piece of kitchen equipment. They find it very useful to be able to set it to complete for when they arrive home from work and that it can make a meal in much less time than it would take if they were using the oven. They love the fact that you can pressure cook the meals that you normally slow cook in much less time and the meat still falls off the bone.

There have been some negative reviews, a small amount compared to the positives but the main complaints were due to the front panel not working over time and some people having problems with the power chord connection being loose.

Final Verdict

After reading this review I’m sure you will agree that the Pressure King Pro would make a worthwhile Christmas gift for anyone who wants to make their time in the kitchen quick and easy but very productive. If you have someone in your life who wants to cook healthy meals but finds they don’t have the time, why not show them the way by giving a Pressure King Pro Christmas gift this year.

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