Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker 21850 Review

Russell Hobbs 21850 Multi Cooker

  • 5 Litre Capacity
  • 11 Functions in one product
  • Pre-set Timer
  • Non Stick Bowl
  • 2 Year Guarantee

Most people look for a multi-cooker so they can have a space saving appliance that can do more than one function.

The Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker 21850 can help you do that by having 11 different programs that will do away with a slow cooker, rice cooker and steamer.

So let’s look at what customers like so much about this multi-cooker.

Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker 21850 review

Features of the 21850

  • Features a choice of 11 programmes
  • Large LED display with 24 hour pre-set timer
  • Keep warm function to allow your food to stay warm even when cooked
  • Anti condensation lid cover
  • Comes with a manual and 1 year guarantee

Is this a pressure cooker?

This is a multi-cooker that can do various cooking functions but it isn’t a pressure cooker. You can buy a pressure cooker with multi-cooker functions but this Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker doesn’t have a pressure valve and can be opened during cooking if required.

This multi-cooker is (H)26.7” x (W)27.5” x (D)35.3” so not too large to be able to sit on the worktop comfortably and it has a 5 litre capacity which is large enough to feed a family. This cooker also has a handle attached to make it easy to carry around.

With the press of a button the lid lifts up and the inner pot sits inside. There is a LED display on the unit with touch buttons on the front for the timer, start, and 3 buttons on the bottom of the display for rice, slow cook and stew. The lid incorporates a filter so that it doesn’t fill the kitchen with smells and stops condensation from dripping back into the pot.

You have 11 cooking features:

  • rice
  • slow cook
  • meat
  • fish
  • stew
  • soup
  • steam
  • yoghurt
  • porridge
  • bread
  • cake


It’s very simple to start making rice in this cooker, it comes with a rice measuring cup and the inner pot has the markings for how much water to add. Close the lid and press the rice button and start. The timer is preset so you don’t need to do anything else until you take it out. It’s the same with the other 2 cooking functions the stew and the slow cook option which have preset times installed.

Stew and Slow Cook

If you like to sear your meat and soften vegetables before you make a stew or slow cook then you can do that in this Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker 21850 by using the steam function. If you select the steam function (all the information on making selections are in the manual) don’t close the lid, it has a 30 minute timer so you can let it heat the pot, add some oil in the base of the inner pot and then sear as you would in a frying pan.

When you’re ready to slow cook or stew you stop the steaming function, add all the rest of the ingredients then close the lid and select your cooking option. The benefit of this is that you can keep all of the flavours from the caramelisation of the meat and vegetables that is on the bottom of the pan in the stew.


You even have the option to bake in this multi-cooker, you can bake bread or cake. You have preset times installed in the cooker but these times are adjustable. Once you’ve tried it once you will have an idea of just how long you need on the timer.


You also have a yoghurt option on this cooker, it’s so easy to make yoghurt it’s surprising that we all don’t do it more often. The pre-set time installed is 8 hours and all you need is milk and some started yoghurt. It makes great frozen yoghurt too which is as good as any ice cream with some stewed fruit added.


If you like to roast your meat and you don’t want to heat up your large oven for a small joint then you can use this Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker, just coat your meat in a thin layer of oil and add a little to the inner pot and set it to cook on the meat function. The default time is 20 minutes but you have the option to change this up to an hour.


You have a steam function and you can use the steam basket included to steam your vegetables and any other foods that you like to steam. My only complaint on this is that the basket sits on top of the inner pot so you can only fill the basket with veg, you don’t get the depth of the pot if you have a lot to do. On the other hand the basket on the top is easier to remove than some.


The 21850 comes with a non stick inner pot, a steam basket, measuring cup and rice spoon.

Customer Opinion

Customers find that this product is a great time saver and required minimal clean up. People are finding they use it on a daily basis and that it makes great rice with fluffy perfection. They are liking the fact that they can set it to have a cooked meal ready when they come home from work. On the downside some people feel that it doesn’t work as well as it should and they didn’t think it was worth the money.


If your looking to find a kitchen gadget that will do more than one job then consider the Russell Hobbs Multi-Cooker 21850. You will be able to use it to make lots of different meals, it’s one of those appliances that you will wonder what you did without.

Russell Hobbs 21850 Multi Cooker

  • 5 Litre Capacity
  • 11 Functions in one product
  • Pre-set Timer
  • Non Stick Bowl
  • 2 Year Guarantee

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