Sage the Fast Slow Cooker Pro

Sage the Fast Slow Cooker Pro

Sage Fast Slow Pro

Welcome to my review of the Sage the Fast Slow Cooker Pro. This is the royalty of pressure cookers and it’s in our Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Cookers list.

We will be looking at all the features you get for your money, and whether we think it’s worth the price tag. We’ll be looking at customer opinion and reporting to you their thoughts, the pros and cons. Hopefully after reading this review you will feel in a better position to make a decision on the pressure cooker you would like.

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Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Fast Slow Cooker Pro Review

So this is not your ordinary pressure cooker, this is definitely a state of the art digital pressure cooker and it looks good too. Sage Fast Slow Pro can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, reduce, sauté and sear with the press of a button. It has a fully interactive LCD to guide you to the right setting for what you want to cook and the way you want to cook it. It also shows  you when it’s building pressure, cooking and releasing steam.

It has 12 smart menus and eight pressure levels allow for all foods to be cooked exactly right, and a non-stick inner pot.

Dual sensors at the top and bottom constantly monitor the ingredients for more accurate temperature and pressure control

When your foods have been cooked, it automatically releases the steam and then beeps when you can lift the lid. The lid is hinged, so when it is raised after cooking the condensation falls back into the rim and into the condensation cup, no messy tops.

If your looking to slow cook you can choose from 2-10 hours, eight smart programs and three heat settings and when its finished it will keep it warm automatically until you are ready for it. If slow cooking is an important feature in a pressure cooker for you it is also available on the Instant Pot Duo or the Bella Pressure Cooker.

So what about the safety?

The Sage Fast Slo Pro has a three-way safety system – safety locking lid, hands-free auto steam release and a safety valve.

Included is a stainless steel trivet which raises food out of the cooking liquid and it’s also used to support the steamer basket when steaming. The best bit is that it has handles to lift it out, this seems to be sadly missing in the electric pressure cookers we have been reviewing.

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Customer Opinion

Good Points

It’s great to be able to sear meat before pressure cooking and then being able to reduce the sauce at the end.

The slow cooker works perfectly and it’s easy to use.

Once you start using it, you use it more and more

Bad Points

When it is going through all the cooking steps it sometimes takes longer than expected.

If you are cooking a large batch in the slow cooker it can’t be stored in the cooker or in the fridge like a crockpot

For a cooker endorsed by a chef there are not many recipes in the book and most people have had to buy another recipe book.


This Heston Blumenthal Fast Slow Cooker is a great cooker, giving great results but to get those results it goes through long heating up process and the automatic pressure release takes a long time so some standard cooking processes take longer than you expect. If you want something you can press a button and forget about this is the machine, but if you want something in a hurry this might not suit.

This Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Fast Slow Cooker is expensive compared to other pressure cookers, it has a lot of digital programming that reflects the price but it doesn’t seem to give you enough to justify the extra money over a standard machine. Most of the customers who have made the investment, love the Sage fast slow pro pressure cooker but you can get as much for half the price.

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