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Salter EK2546 Rapid Non-Stick Multi Cooker with Lid, 5 Litre, 1000 W

Salter EK2546 Rapid Non-Stick Multi Cooker with Lid, 5 Litre, 1000 WWhen you’re looking for a kitchen appliance it makes sense to find something that can do multiple tasks like a multi-cooker so that you can get your money’s worth. The Salter EK2546 Rapid Non-Stick Multi Cooker with Lid is one of these appliances, you can get a pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker and stew pot all in one.

Not only does this save you money but space too as you don’t have to have all of these products stored in the cupboard. You can get all of this for a reasonable price. Carry on reading our review to find out whats included, or if you’re in a hurry

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Salter EK2546 Rapid Review

Features of the EK2546

  • Make healthy family meals without the hassle using this versatile Salter Multi Cooker, which will rapidly cook your favourite foods.
  • Select from the preset cooking functions using the control panel and keep an eye on the timer using the clear LED digital display.
  • Cook risotto, fresh soup, pulled pork and steamed sea bass to perfection, using the fantastic selection of recipe ideas also provided.
  • Set the 24 hour delay timer to activate the cooker so your food will be prepared when you get home, with an automatic safety switch.
  • Steam, sauté, slow cook and stew, with 12 settings you can also make jarred preserves, succulent joints of meat and reheat leftovers.

The Salter EK2546 Rapid Non-Stick Multi Cooker with Lid is a pressure cooker with multi-cook capability. Although for some unknown reason it doesn’t mention the fact that it is a pressure cooker in the description it include a pressure valve in the twist lock lid to give you faster cooking up to 90%.

The multi-cooker has a 5 litre capacity making it big enough for family meals and it has a stainless steel and black body and lid which will fit in with any modern kitchen.

Pressure cooking is the ideal way to cook flavoursome meals with fresh ingredients in a much faster time while locking in the nutrients.

Control panel

The Salter EK2546 has a large easy to read control panel with an LCD display which shows the preset times and the countdown timer while it’s cooking. There are preset buttons installed for:-








Fast reheat

Slow Cook/Keep warm

Delay timer

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You have the benefit of being able to slow cook in this multi-cooker so that if you have recipes that you’ve made in the slow cooker before you should be able to make them in this cooker although you don’t have the option of different heat levels that you might on a standard slow cooker.

It’s easy to make one pot meals, soups and stews. You have a sear function so that if you like to brown your meat and soften your vegetables before you make your stew then you can just select that option without the lid on, add some oil in the base of the inner pot and start searing. Just remember to use utensils suitable for a non-stick coating. Once you are ready switch off the sear function, add your other ingredients and stock and then select how you want to cook it.

Meat is easy to cook in this Salter pressure cooker. It can hold a joint of meat or chicken in this inner pot so that means you can make super easy pulled pork or just a chicken for Sunday dinner. It doesn’t come with a rack to put in the bottom but you can always use a few spoons laid across the bottom and sit your meat on them,(that’s how my mum used to do it in her old pressure cooker) it just stops the meat on the bottom being in direct contact with the base of the pot. You have to add water in the pot as it needs to produce steam to create pressure. It does make for tender meat in less time.

Rice can be measured out using the measuring cup included and the water level required is marked on the inside of the inner pot. This makes it simple to get it going quickly. You can also use it to make risotto and rice based meals like paella.

Fish is a healthy alternative when it’s available and you have a fish function so that you can cook it quickly without it drying out. If you like to sear the skin before you cook it you can do that with the sear function then place it on the steam tray and cook on fish. Although it cooks fish quickly remember that it does have to come to pressure first and how long that takes depends on how much water is used and it can come to pressure quicker if you use boiling water. Once pressure is reached then the cook time starts.

The Salter EK2546 Rapid Non-Stick Multi Cooker with Lid, 5 Litre, 1000 W comes with a 5 litre non-stick inner pot, a steam tray, a measurement cup and a rice spoon.

Customer Opinion

This is a new product with few reviews but from what there is the Salter EK2546 is solidly built, looks good and cooks well.


If you’re looking for a pressure cooker that can do more, check out this Salter EK2546 Rapid Non-Stick Multi Cooker. It has enough functions to make it very useful in the kitchen and it’s cheaper than an Instant Pot Duo. You get a few recipes included in the manual but there are many resources online for more and lots of books too.

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