Tefal Cook4me Pressure Cooker

Tefal Cook4me – The Intuitive Pressure Cooker

If you’re in the market for a kitchen appliance that can help you cook healthy meals from scratch you may want to take a look at the Tefal Cook4me pressure cooker.

Today we’ll be looking at why anyone might want to buy this intuitive pressure cooker and discussing how easy it is to use and what the benefits are especially when you feel you can’t cook and think that electric pressure cookers are scary. You can read a full product review here.

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Why is this good for beginners

For most people who haven’t been taught to cook as they were growing up making something from scratch often seems too much trouble, they can get the ingredients but knowing how much to use and how to mix them together into a meal can be a put off.

One of the great features of the Tefal Cook4me is that it not only provides you with 50 recipes that are inbuilt into the software, it will give you a step by step set of instructions to what to do with the ingredients so that the fear factor should go away in that respect, you also don’t need to worry about how long to cook for as that is programmed in too.

How do you find the Cook4me recipes

The recipes are installed in the control panel on the pressure cooker. It is based on scroll and click, so when you switch on the machine the first screen gives you 4 choices, ingredients, recipes, manual and favourites, so you scroll using the control knob on the front and click to choose the recipe function. The recipes are sorted into starters/sides, main dish and desserts, scroll and click on your choice then you can scroll through the list of recipes available and make your choice from there. There is also a booklet with the unit which has all of the recipes included with the ingredient lists so you can take it with you to the shops to make sure you buy the correct ingredients.

Can you only use it to cook the included recipes

This Tefal Cook4me has a manual choice on the first screen. If you choose this function you have the choice to use the searing function to brown your own ingredients, you can also choose the pressure cook function and set it for as long as you want if you are making your own recipes or following a book. So you have the flexibility of using the included recipes or creating your own and using the manual functions which is the same as any other pressure cooker.

What if you just want to cook one ingredient

If you go to the first screen, the first option is ingredients. Once you click into this option you can then scroll through to select your ingredient. If you wanted to cook potatoes for example once you have chosen it you will be asked how much you want to cook, you select the weight and it will tell you whether to cover with liquid or a specific quantity and whether to use the steam basket and then you can set to cook, the time is already pre-set although you can adjust if you would like it different.

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Is it suitable for 1 person

All the recipes that are installed can be cooked for 2,4 or 6 people. It will give you the right amount of ingredients for whichever one you choose. If you are a single person there is nothing to stop you from making the recipe for 2 people and storing half in a container in your fridge for another day or even your freezer if it is freezable and you will have your own home made ready meal for when it suits you. If you don’t want to do that you can use less ingredients and make a smaller amount.

How does it cook so quickly

The Tefal Cook4me is a pressure cooker with some inbuilt intelligence. There has to be some liquid in the pot whether it is in a recipe or in the pot if you are steaming some vegetables or meat, the lid is always locked shut before cooking and this allows the steam to build up pressure for quicker cooking. This cooker can cook up to 70% faster than normal cooking methods and the pressure forces the moisture into your food giving you melt in the mouth, succulent meat and vegetables with all of the flavour held in the pot.

Is it easy to clean

The Tefal Cook4me pressure cooker comes with a 6 litre inner pot which has a ceramic non-stick coating and plastic keep cool handles which makes it easy handle and to wash out. It has a hinged lid with a removable inner lid with a pressure seal that can be washed up easily too. The outer casing is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Tefal Cook4me Connect

If you want an even more interactive experience then you might be interested in the Tefal Cook4me Connect which has all the above features and it has a bluetooth connection so you can get all the recipes on an app with shopping lists. As new recipes get added to the ones currently available they will be easily accessed by the app. You can also get step by step photographs making it visibly clearer exactly what you should be doing and you can also track the cooking progress too.


As we move towards more healthier cooking and less processed foods the Tefal Cook4me can help with that by providing new ideas and options that are easy to make even for the person who is a complete novice in the kitchen. As you become more experienced the manual function lets you do your own thing. Regardless of your experience you will be able to throw a meal together quickly that can cook quickly and when something is easy you know you will use it often.

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