Tefal RK705840 10-in-1 Multicooker

Tefal RK705840 10-in-1 Multicooker Review

Tefal RK705840 Multicook Plus 10-in-1 MulticookerToday we’re going to be reviewing the Tefal RK705840 Multicook Plus 10-in-1 Multicooker. Finding kitchen equipment that makes life easier isn’t the hardest thing these days but finding something that you will use regularly and can do more than one job is. It’s easy to buy gadgets that you use only once but a useful multi-cooker will free up space and become the most important appliance in your kitchen.

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Tefal RK705840 Review


  • 10-in-1 cooking options in one product
  • Auto temperature and cooking time detection
  • Electronic control panel for easy use
  • Non-stick removable bowl for easy cleaning

This Tefal RK705840 multi-cooker is a decent family size of 5 litres. It’s white and black in colour which will fit in with most kitchen designs and can easily sit on the countertop or be stored in a cupboard. It has a push button to open the lid where you have the 5 litre inner pot. The control panel is situated on the front of the unit with a count down so that you know how long your food has left to cook.

Inner Pot

The inner pot is a 5 litre non-stick bowl which consists of 5 layers making it 2 mm thick with a diamond patterned non-stick coating on the base to give you a great cooking experience. The bowl has a measure on the inside so you can see how much liquid you are placing inside for when you are making rice or specific recipes.

Cooking functions

The best part about multi-cookers is the fact that you can use them for different foods and different ways to cook making it very versatile in the kitchen. You have 12 functions in this RK705840 to help in making your meals for your family.

  • Rice/cereal
  • risotto
  • reheat
  • baby food
  • stew
  • steam/soup
  • yogurt
  • baking/dessert
  • crust/fry
  • keep warm
  • adjustable cooking time
  • delayed start

You can start the day with making porridge, you can even set it to start at night with the delay start which can be up to 24 hours. There is a keep warm function on this appliance too so you don’t have to worry if it’s ready before you are. If you want to reheat something for your lunch you can use the reheat function, which gives you a preset time of 25 minutes but can be adjusted to suit yourself or why not make your own homemade soup, throw everything in and set it on soup. You have a set time of 30 minutes which can adjust up to 2 hours.

Maybe you would prefer to steam some fish or veg, easy peasy with the steam tray included! You can use the stew function as a slow cook function, although you don’t have 3 different heat levels as in a standard slow cooker you can cook for up to 9 hours and make a very hearty stew.

There is the option to fry off your meat before stewing by using the crust/fry function beforehand, just add a little oil and use like a frying pan. If you like a dessert with your meal check out the baking function, you can try a recipe from the book to surprise your family. Don’t forget that you have a yoghurt function too, if you haven’t tried making yoghurt and don’t realise how easy it is read about it here.

In the Tefal RK705840 Multicook Plus 10-in-1 Multicooker you have a great tool for making healthy meals from scratch, easily and quickly, where you can control what goes into the food.

Control panel

The control panel is quite intuitive to use, press the menu button and it will move through the functions on the screen till you get to the one you want. It will display the preset time that has been programmed in but you can change that using the +/- buttons below the screen if you want to. The keep warm and the crust/fry have their own buttons, you can easily turn off the keep warm by pressing the button when the cooking has finished and you’re ready to serve. You also have your delay start button which you control with the +/- button to add 1-24 hours delay to the start of the cooking time, allowing you to have a meal ready when you come in from work.


Your Tefal RK705840 Multicooker comes with a few accessories, a steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup, spoon support and a recipe book so all you need to make a meal is the ingredients.

Easy Clean

The inner pot is easy to remove, it has a non-stick coating so it doesn’t need heavy scrubbing. All the accessories are washable. The inner lid can be removed with the seal and washed to remove any stuck on food, the rest can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. You can use the dishwasher but I prefer to hand wash so that I can be sure I’m not scratching the surface of the non-stick.

Customer Opinion

Most people find that this cooker does a great job in cooking rice flawlessly, they find it very versatile using to cook different foods, perfect for busy people who want to put the ingredients in and press a button. They have found it easy to clean and a good size for the kitchen.

On the negative side some people have found that the multi-cooker stopped working after the 12 month warranty period which was disappointing. Other customers feel that it takes too long to cook food and didn’t’ think much of the recipe book.


I always feel that if I use a piece of equipment more than once a week it’s been worth the purchase and I’m sure that you will use this Tefal RK705840 Multicook Plus 10-in-1 Multicooker more than that. It’s not too costly and won’t take up a great deal of room in the kitchen.

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