Tefal RK812142 MultiCook Advanced 45-in-1 Multicooker, 45 Manual and Auto Programs

Box of tefal multicookIf you are looking for a piece of kitchen equipment that can cook multiple types of foods then you will be interested in this review of the Tefal RK812142 MultiCook Advanced 45-in-1 Multicooker, 45 Manual and Auto Programs. Tefal is the company that developed teflon coated cookware, they have been in business since 1956. They are well known for pans and electrical equipment of which multicookers are just one item they have developed.

We’ll be taking a look at the features of this Tefal RK812142 multi cooker to see what you can do with it and we’ll be checking what the buyers are thinking about it, and whether it lives up to expectations. If you’re wondering whether an electric pressure cooker with multi cook options is a better choice for you why not read our review of the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker for comparison.

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Tefal RK812142 MultiCook Advanced 45-in-1 Multicooker, 45 Manual and Auto Programs Review


  • 45 programs in the convenience of one appliance
  • Fry, stew, bake or steam, make soup, rice, porridge, yoghurt and so much more
  • Patented spherical aluminium bowl with five layers for consistent and optimum cooking results
  • Automatically adjusts the cooking time and temperature according to ingredients used
  • LCD control panel with large capacity 10 cups (5 L) (up to 20 portions)

Your Tefal RK812142 comes with a large 5 litre spherical inner pot, a steam basket, a rice spoon, a soup spoon, a spoon rack, a measuring cup and the Tefal 45 in 1 manual.

The cooker has an attached lid that opens with the press of a button, it has a transparent viewing window within it so you can see how things are cooking. It has a carry handle so it’s easily moved around the kitchen.

The control panel is easily accessible on the top of the unit too. It’s very user friendly with a large lcd panel so you can easily select different programs and adjust timings to suit. There is an on/off button and a delay start, which is very convenient if you want to set your cooking times to finish at a specific time. There is also a keep warm button so if you’re not quite ready your food will stay warm until you are.

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You can do many things in this Tefal multicooker, bake, prepare soups, steam, stew, brown and fry all in one appliance. It also has other pre-set functions available that you can use with just the press of a button, you can choose porridge, yogurt, risotto, rice and baby food. Similar to a pressure cooker, a multi cooker cooks in a way that can seal in all the goodness of the food so you can make more nutrient dense meals for your family. Having pre-set options make it a little easier to cook without mistake.

The menu button allows you to navigate the different options easily and if you know the time and temperature you would like to cook something the DIY button lets you set it. No matter which way you would like to cook your food you can select Vegetables, Fish, Poultry and Meat and it will give you a pre-set time.

Your food is cooked inside the non-stick inner pot. The patented spherical bowl technology allows optimal heat circulation for consistent and delicious cooking. The pot is made of aluminium with 6 layers of non-stick coating making it very durable and scratch resistant although it is better to use non metal utensils.

Can you slow cook in this Tefal RK812142 MultiCook Advanced 45-in-1 Multicooker?

Technically no as it doesn’t have a specific slow cook function, but you have a DIY function and you can adjust temperature and time to suit yourself so you could set it to cook for a longer period of up to 9 hours at a temperature between 40-160C.

The RK812142 has a bread rising function which you can use for rising your dough at 40C which is the same temperature for yoghurt making. You can also bake a cake in you’re cooker with the desert function if you don’t mind a domed shaped cake.

If you’re wondering what you can make in your multicooker then you can start with the Tefal 45 in 1 recipe book that comes in the box, it can give you some different ideas that you might try. If you like to collect recipe books and want some more Tefal multicook advanced 45-in-1 recipes then check out these 2 multicooker books available on Amazon.co.uk that should give you some meal choices that you haven’t tried yet. Multicooker Cookbook: In the Kitchen and Multi-Cooker Made Simple.

If you think this might be too large for you Tefal also have another multicooker called the Tefal multi cooker 8 in 1 and if you want to get more into the basics of learning to cook you might want to check our review on the Tefal CY701840 Cook4Me Intelligent Multi Cooker which can give you step by step instructions to cook various recipes.

Customer Opinion

Customers are loving their Tefal multicooker, they love the fact that they can fill it with ingredients and get an easy meal with little effort. One buyer uses hers when camping, if you have access to electric this is a great option. Some customers only use 1 or 2 functions but are still finding it a time saver.

The negatives given are that the size takes up too much kitchen space, in some cooking options it takes too long and the instructions are rubbish.


This Tefal RK812142 Multicooker offers quite a few options for the busy person who has to try and create meals on a budget of time and money, make use of cheaper ingredients to make wholesome healthy meals and set everything up to be ready when you need it. With this good size inner pot why not make double and freeze a portion for another day and save even more time.

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