Tower Digital Smoker Pressure Cooker – Smoke You Own Meat

Tower Digital Smoker Pressure Cooker

This page is looking at the Tower Digital Smoker Pressure Cooker –Tower T16008 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker with Smoker, 1000 W, 6 L – Silver.

This is a pressure cooker with a smoker built in so you can flavour your food. If you’re not sure whether you want a smoker why don’t you check out our review on a Tower pressure cooker without a smoker.

This pressure cooker still offers you all the normal features so you can cook your food either way.

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So what is a smoker pressure cooker?

Essentially a smoker pressure cooker is a normal pressure cooker with a smoking option, which allows you to cook your food with a smoky taste.

For example with this Tower digital smoker pressure cooker you get an extra cooking pot, a 3 tier smoking rack with adjustable height shelves, a charring cup and 100g of wood chips to start you off.

If you want to smoke a chicken with an authentic hickory flavour, you would set the wood chips into the charring cup with the lid on, place the rack so the charring cup sits in the cut out space, add your chicken onto the shelf, add the water then set to cook on the hot smoke function, as in the attached picture, and your good to go.

The shelf is adjustable, you can smoke any type of meat on the hot smoke function, it has a 6L cooking pot which will fit a good size piece of meat or chicken.

There is also a cold smoke function, you can use this to smoke fish or cheese, you can adjust the shelves to fit to the size you want to suit your food.

The smoker part is only one function of the pressure cooker, there are other options when using this machine.

You’re pressure cooker can create fluffy rice at the touch of a button, there is the normal pressure cooker function with which you can cook tender cuts of meat, one pot meals and vegetables. You can also brown your meat before cooking to keep in all the flavour while pressure cooking. There is an option to make yoghurt and porridge and you can even make cake. Most of these options are available on the Tower T16005 read the review here if a smoker is not for you.

Who is this smoker pressure cooker for?

For anyone who doesn’t want to wait hours for smoking food in a normal smoker, can do it in less than an hour in this Tower Digital Smoker Pressure Cooker. Most smokers are too big to use and keep indoors, and too smoky which puts people off owning one. In this smoker pressure cooker there is no smoke released into the room although there may be the scent of it.

If you want to bring something different into your weekly menu, then this smoker pressure cooker could be for you. You will have to buy wood chips to use in it, but they are not expensive.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for just a meat smoker, then you would have to know if the amount of times you would use it would justify the cost, although it would certainly be easier to have a smoker you can use in the house. If you are just looking for a pressure cooker, you need to ask yourself if you would ever use the smoker part of it. If you will just be clogging up cupboard space with the extra accessories then there is a cheaper version of the tower pressure cooker without the smoker here.

If you’re looking for a pressure cooker and are really interested in trying out smoking your own meat, fish or cheese then this is a great option for you. This pressure cooker is not much extra money, less than the cost of the accessories you would get, so if you really want to have a go the Tower Digital Smoker Pressure Cooker is an affordable choice to make.

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