Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker, 1100 W, 6 L

Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker, 1100 W, 6 L

Welcome to my review on the Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker, 1100 W, 6 L.  In this review we’re going to be checking out the features of the Tower electric pressure cooker, we’re going to look at whether the quality of the electric version from Tower stacks up against the old stove top pressure cookers that we remember. We’re also going to be looking at customer opinion and reporting on the good points and the bad.

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Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker Review

This Tower pressure cooker rates highly in our eyes and is in our Top 10 Best Electric Pressure Cookers 2017, it comes in 2 colours, red and silver, and at the time of reading this the red was a lot cheaper. Check the latest price above.

This pressure cooker looks good and is quite sturdy, the lid is easy to put on and close, the 6L capacity is a good size and it cooks 70% faster than normal methods with a powerful 1100 watts. The removable inner pot is non stick and there is a stainless steel steam rack.

The first thing you realise from this Tower T16005 review is that it doesn’t have as many functions as other multi cookers we have reviewed. There is no time delay function and the digital display is accessed by solid buttons rather than a press pad, although over time this might be a good thing.

You need to press the menu button to light up the program you want, like the yoghurt option and you can also just set it by time if you know how long you want to cook your item.  It has a keep warm function which kicks in automatically after cooking.

There is no slow cooking function as in the Instant Pot Duo, so you need to decide if this is something you would miss as well as the delay timer. Other than that all the main cooking styles are covered, as noted on the digital display.

What about safety?

Well it states that there are eight safety protection devices, but it doesn’t state exactly what they are.

You have to turn the valve on the top of the lid to the correct position before it will start to pressurise and it is easily turned to release the pressure at the end of cooking.  The lid stays sealed until the pressure is fully released, there is a safety lock valve on the back of the lid which prevents you removing it until it is de-pressurised.

If the pressure cooker overheats then it stops cooking and shows an error code, this could be because you have used insufficient water or forgot to put it in altogether.

If there is a broken circuit or short circuit the unit will stop and show a code.

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Customer Opinion

Good Points

The pot is quite big, bigger than the largest pot I have in my kitchen actually, probably the size of a stock pot, can easily accommodate a large chicken.

Love my pressure cooker easy to use and clean. Makes life easier to do your cooking in this.

Worth having just to make great yoghurt

Most people are happy with their Tower Electric Pressure Cooker, it’s solid and easy to use.

Bad Points

Thoroughly inadequate instruction “leaflet”

Controls too complicated.

Hard to clean around rim at the top of the cooker. Steam tray hard to remove when hot.

A few people find that the instruction booklet is inadequate and it’s not clear how to use the button pad. It would have been nice to have a tray that is easy to remove when hot.


About 45% of reviews for the Tower T16005 One Pot Express Electric Pressure Cooker, 1100 W, 6 L have less than 4 stars, although that is quite a few dissatisfied customers, some of these are down to the instruction leaflet which doesn’t affect the ability of the unit.

It seems, for the price, it is a good value product. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but what it does have is more than sufficient for what you need to cover most cooking styles. It’s a long way from the old stove top pressure cookers that hissed and rattled and were very heavy to lift, but a definite improvement in my opinion. I would recommend if you are looking for a cheaper option.

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