What is a trivet in a pressure cooker

What is a trivet in a pressure cooker

A trivet is an essential kitchen tool, especially for anyone who owns a pressure cooker. It’s a small metal plate with holes in it that sits inside a pressure cooker to keep food from sticking to the bottom of the pot or for keeping foods out of the cooking liquid so it steams rather than boils.

A trivet is especially useful for cooking rice, pasta, and grains. It keeps these foods from burning on the bottom of the pan, and prevents them from getting stuck to the sides of the pot.

A good trivet should be made of stainless steel, aluminum, or copper. Some models, like in the Instant Pot, are stainless steel wire racks which include a handle so that you can easily remove the trivet once the food is cooked.  

What Can I Use as a Trivet in My Pressure Cooker?

You can use anything that fits inside your pressure cooker as a trivet. A metal trivet is basically a flat metal object that sits inside the pot to keep food or a container off the bottom of the pan.

Some examples include wooden spoons, metal spatulas, spoons and forks. I have even heard of people using metal cookie cutters. You can even get a silicone trivet that would work.

What does a trivet look like

A trivet looks like a small flat plate that fits inside a pot to keep food off the bottom of the pan. It’s made of metal or plastic and has holes in it to let steam escape. Some trivets are designed specifically for pressure cookers, like steam racks which make Instant Pot cooking much more versatile.

Do all Instant Pots come with a trivet

Instant Pot trivets or steam racks are a key accessory that are included with all Instant Pots. Some have a trivet with handles and some don’t depending on the size of the Instant Pot.

Pressure Cooker Accessories

The trivet is one of the most versatile accessories, which is why the majority of pressure cookers include one. There are other awesome accessories available, mostly made for the Instant Pot, but which work in most pressure cookers.

The egg accessories are pretty useful, especially if you eat a lot of eggs. There is an egg trivet which is a wire rack with circles in it that will hold at least half a dozen eggs and you can hard boil them in your pressure cooker in a few minutes.

Another nifty accessory is the steam basket. It has raised feet so you don’t need the trivet underneath it and you can use it for your steamed vegetables or even your eggs.

Do you need a rack for pressure cooking

You can cook without accessories in a pressure cooker. It depends on what foods you are cooking. A trivet is a helpful accessory if you’re cooking foods that don’t have a lot of liquid and are liable to stick to the bottom of the pot. You also need a rack for the pot in pot method of cooking.

Pot in Pot Cooking

The pot in pot method (PIP) is when you cook your food in a container of some kind, like a heat-proof dish or a metal pan which is placed on a trivet and cooked within the pressure cooker. You can use this for cheescakes or egg puddings or any steamed pudding.

Another PIP example is when you layer your meal in the cooking pot so you can cook it all at the same time. For example you might cook a stew at the bottom of the cookpot and then place a trivet on top of that and steam your potatoes and vegetables at the same time.

Can You Put A Mason Jar In A Pressure Cooker?

Yes, mason jars are great for storing food, but they’re also perfect for cooking under pressure.

There are two ways to cook foods under pressure: high pressure and low pressure. High pressure uses steam to force air out of the food, creating a vacuum effect that seals in flavor and nutrients. Low pressure cooks food slowly without any added heat, allowing the flavors to infuse throughout the food.

Mason jars need to be placed on a rack so they don’t come into contact with the direct heat at the base of the inner pot.

How do you make a trivet in a slow cooker

Slow cookers can be an awkward shape but if you have a small circular trivet or rack it might fit in the middle and be sufficient for your needs.

If you don’t have any kind of trivet on hand and you’re looking to cook chicken or a joint I’d be tempted to use forks with the tines face down. You can criss cross them and it will raise your meat up just enough to stop it from burning on the bottom without interfering with the juices. They’re also easy to wash up afterwards.

Do you have to use a trivet in a pressure cooker

The best way to ensure that food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan during cooking is to use a trivet. Trivets are small metal discs that fit inside pans and keep foods off the bottom. They’re especially useful for pressure cookers since they prevent the food from sticking to the pot. However, trivets aren’t necessary for all cooking. If you’re making foods which have a lot of liquid like soup then you’re probably fine without.

Can aluminium foil be used in a pressure cooker

There is no reason why you can’t use aluminium foil in a pressure cooker if you want to. When using the pot in pot cooking, some people use folded strips under the  glass bowl used for cooking the food so it’s easier to lift the bowl out.

It can also be used as a lid over the bowl of food to keep some of the cooking liquid out.

I haven’t tried wrapping meat or other foods in a pressure cooker as I would imagine it would affect the cooking times by creating a barrier and stopping the steam under pressure from cooking it quickly.

Can I Use Any Steamer Basket in My Pressure Cooker?

You can use any steamer basket that fits inside your pressure cooker. Some models may require a special steamer basket, while others may fit standard size baskets. Make sure that whatever type of steamer basket you choose, it doesn’t interfere with the venting system of your pressure cooker. Also, make sure that the basket isn’t too big or small. The ideal size should be able to hold food without touching the sides of the pot. 

What do you use a trivet for

Within a pressure cooker, a trivets basic function is to keep food above the water level or a hot pan above the worktop. You can place vegetables on a trivet, meat and fish. You can place containers on trivets to raise them from direct contact with the heat, like puddings or jars when you’re canning. Or you can place hot food on trivets so they don’t damage the counter top.

What is Another Word for Trivet?

The meaning of trivet is actually 3 feet. It is usually an object with raised feet (3 or 4) that protects a surface from a heat damage. It can be called a rack, a coaster, a heat pad, a pan stand, or a grate. A cooking tripod is also known as a trivet holding pans above heat.

In cooking, we use meat racks in roasting pans and steam racks in pressure cookers.

What is the Best Material for Pressure Cooker Trivets?

The best material for pressure cooker trivets is stainless steel. Stainless steel is durable, easy to clean, and nonporous. It doesn’t react with food and it won’t rust either. It’s also safe to put hot foods on top of, since it won’t melt or burn. 

Can I Use Plastic in Pressure Cookers?

Yes, you can use plastic in pressure cookers. If you’re planning on using plastic in a pressure cooker, make sure that it’s made specifically for high heat applications. Otherwise, you run the risk of damaging your appliance.

However, it’s best to avoid using plastic containers in pressure cookers. There are many different types of plastics, and they vary greatly in strength. Some plastics are stronger than others, and some may melt under high heat. Also, some plastics contain chemicals that could leach into food.

So, if you’re going to use plastic in a pressure cooker, make sure you only use food grade plastic. And, if you plan to reuse the container, make sure it’s clean and free of any residue.


In conclusion, if you have a pressure cooker, you should definitely try using a trivet when cooking. If you’ve had a burnwarning message when cooking one of your recipes a trivet might help. 

Maybe you can try making different types of food with the pot in pot method. This way you’ll get to know how well your pressure cooker works for you and you’ll get more use out of your accessories.

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